The Chains Around a Poor Girl (a story/ish)


The Chains Around a Poor Girl

She was born in a small county hospital, where the doctors didn’t have the same quality of tools to use when things went wrong. And due to their training, or lack there of, they couldn’t come up with solutions for working around all the problems.

Then she went home with a mom who could barely feed herself. And had to water down the formula she fed her babe. Cuzz there were only so many times she could go to the food bank in a month.

She spent more time running around naked than even having diapers on.

And the only person who took care of her, besides her mom, was the kind grandma down the hall. But only long enough so mom could carry in the groceries or take out the garbage.

Dad was not around, And no one else could be bothered.

Mom did send her to school, but only cuzz CPS made her. Because the closest schools were rife with gangs and drugs. But then, so was her apt building. Mom took her to a park several bus stops away instead of the one across the street. She got her clothes from the food bank as well as the food.

When she was a teen, she and her mom both got a job the same week. But they still got stamps cuzz the utilities and rent were more than they could afford. And housing lists took longer than most kids’ time at home where they lived.

What did her future look like? She was more likely to go to prison or jail than to college. Even with a mother who loved her. She’d either get pregnant young, become a prostitute, go on drugs, or die in gang violence. It was a really bad area of a really bad town.

It was a bit too soon to tell what life held for her. But her mom spent more time on her knees than most moms near her would. Not that that helped her girl out.

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