Bare Feet (a story)

Bare Feet

His Honourable Steven MacEnroy was known thru the community for his state of dress and bearing. He wore the latest designer fads of suits. He wore the best fabric and styles and went only to places where he could show that off.

Maybe His Honour did that because he was raised in poverty and now wanted to be seen only at his best? Or maybe it was to contrast his large physique? He was imposing and he thought seeming almost decorative and wearing such soft, supple fabrics might soften his looks. But some might say it had the opposite effect actually. He now appeared wealthy, so that made him imposing on two counts.

There was only one person who got to see him in anything less than perfect dress. That was his Domme. Her aim was to remind him of where he came from, so he never got too big for his britches

And the thing that they had arranged that reached His Honour the easiest, quickest, yet deepest was being made to wear nothing on his feet. At her house, he was under strict instructions to leave his shoes by the front door. And tuck his socks into them. And spend his time with her with bare feet.

Because as a child, he hadn’t had shoes. He went to church and school with bare feet. And it didn’t matter how smart or good looking he was, he’d been mocked for that.

To some, this might have motivated them. And it had that element with His Honour. After all, he had finished school, and gone on to univeristy, then law school, then worked his way thru the rolls till he bacame a judge, then a superior court judge. Then finally a Supreme Court Judge. He had gone as high as he could go.

To everyone else he had achieved it all.

And His Honour was thrilled with that. His Honour was happy with that. But there was someone else to consider….

Little Stevie was still in there. Wanting to be seen and heard. Wanting to be a careless, reckless little boy again.

And there were many days on the bench, when His Honour took his feet out of his shoes when he pondered a major decision. To remind himself that he hadn’t been born important. He hadn’t always had it easy. Nobody but him knew that he did that.

So the bare feet had moral and ideological impact in a way that nothing else had. And he had trusted his Domme enough to share that with her.

And she wanted to reach his inner self. She wasn’t much interested in dealing with His Honour. She met 100s of him. But she adored little Stevie. And he adored her too.

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