Criminal Minds Ends – One of my faves ever (sobs)

Criminal Minds Ends – One of my faves ever (sobs)


15 seasons later…. And so good! Even with drama behind the seasons and character shifts, people leaving as if they really WERE a govt office. They managed to hold the interest of fans. I think I saw every thing the franchise had to offer but the one in South Korea.

I have such an interest in this field that I actually registered for criminolgy at univ. I’d imagine it’s a high burn out field. I don’t shy away from those kind, but maybe my actual path kept me believing in humanity’s good and criminology may have made that harder for me? Who knows? But it’s the path not travelled for me. Which is part of the reason why I loved the show.

Each season seemed to have personal and professional dilemmas for the characters, and bigger chases as well as the weekly cases. And it developed as almost an educational tool for the viewer as well. I actually learned stuff thru the show, which bore out in reading I did as an interest. I love it when a show excites me enough that I read up on it too. But I’m a media geek lol

I actualy liked the ending too. (Never fear! No spoiler alerts here!) And loved the song they picked too! (music nerd too). It was appropos. šŸ™‚ You’ll see why!

But you have to wonder where TV land will take us next? I think it’ll be a hard act to follow. They had a bit of everything in it. But one of my fave relationships was the one between Spencer and his mom. It was sweet! IMO

Did you catch it?

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