No Ordinary Circus (a story)


No Ordinary Circus

But of course you see all the usual things: The big top show with the animals that do tricks; bears, monkeys, big cats. You see people doing the same ones: juggling, dancing, doing acrobatic tricks. You see dogs and ponies running and jumping over objects and some go thru hoops, some that are on fire. And magic shows.

Then you go thru the back alley tents and see games, special people doing special things. and sometimes special people just being themselves, only captured to be put on display.

And the clowns were everywhere. Spook houses, mirror halls and fun rides for the kids. And fortune tellers.

And then there is the unusual feature to this circus. The thing that makes it unique enough to take it past it’s gothic influence, and into the supernatural.

Circuses have people who run off from their family and normal lives, odd people who don’t fit into society and find a home in this community, and young people looking for an adventure before they settle down to hearth and occupation. Some of them do go back. Some of them stay in the circus.

So people coming in and going was not abnormal. Some people walking thru the circus never to be seen again is not abnormal. The front and back gates revolve.

But there are also families in the circus. People who have been there for generations. The handlers of the animals, the trick riders, acrobats, and dancers. And the people who ran the games and exhibits. The owner and his family. So some people do get stuck there too.

So if you were to think anything was strange, what do you think it could be? And how would you know? A circus is full of strange.

It’d be the perfect place to hide in plain sight. People on the run, and people who are up to no good.

But still, there is nothing unusual in what I’ve said.

I’ve even heard of circuses that become portals in time and space. The spirits of time past gather, because there is a lot of human energy in a circus. And not all of it’s history is good. Like the shaming of Indigenous and African people by making them exhibits for audiences to mock and coo over.

It sounds like the perfect atmosphere for a vengeful spirit story, doesn’t it?

I guess you’ll have to stay tuned….

pt 2

In the center of the circus was a pile of stones that almost no one took seriously. They had some hieroglyphs painted on them, but since no one understood them or even where they came from, no one paid them attention.

But they didn’t see the blood that was beginning to get quite thick on the bottom of the stones, or maybe they would have looked closer.

Someone was sticking themselves and making a sigul with the drops, over and over in the same spot.

They didn’t know that wine and honey were poured over the earth under the stones, and were chanted over either.
Maybe they would have paid closer attention.

Esp if they had known that something was being called forth. Something ancient. Some might call her evil… But in the grand scheme of things, she was part of the necessary spirit-verse.

Who was she? What was her role?

She was a gatekeeper of sorts. One who had been defeated by a hero, One who had wanted to be defeated by a hero, so she could move on to another realm.

But maybe after watching humanity all these years, she now wanted to be the gatekeeper again. Because before she had felt guilty for what she had done. But now she didn’t. Not at all.

So she had come to this person, this human, in his dreams and encouraged his devotion. Till he built the shrine and made his daily small sacrifices to her. A bit of his own blood everyday

And finally she was ready…

She walked forth with her questions ready, And this time the sphinx hoped there was no hero to stop her.

Humanity had gotten too big for it’s own britches after all.
It was time to devour them, one and all. One by one.

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