Paranormal Dating Elite: V-Day Event (a story)


Paranormal Dating Elite: V-Day Event

All the invitations had gone out for the big Valentine’s Day Party at the dating agency.

There were the usual things: flowers, wine, romantic music for dancing, chocolates and h’ordeauvres. More for show than anything though. Since the paranormal don’t really make eating and drinking a habit. But there is no harm in looking like any other dating service, on the most romantic day of the year. In fact one could say looking normal may be saving a few of their lives…. well, afterlives?

MGMT had also also hired some youngish people to wander around in their lingerie and flirt with the guests. Maybe dance with a few of the least likely to be paired up by the end of the night.

A witch met the guests at the door and read them the rules for the night. She asked if she could spell the zombies, so their parts didn’t drop off during the evening. And asked the young vamps and werebeasts if they’d like a drink that’d help curb their hunger. The agency’s events had a bite-free policy. Not that there were many freshies around, but for the few who attended, MGMT didn’t want them assaulted. The guests were mostly cooperative.

All tribal conflicts were suspended for the event. Because the guests thought they wanted love more than hate, at least for today.

When all the guests had arrived, the MC started the love games. They usually ended up with a couple in a room, by themselves. So they could get chatty, or get intimate. (It’s not like they’d end up with an STD or a pregnancy. so all they needed was some discretion)

There were cards with get-to-know-you questions on them, and some had suggested answers too. If someone was really inept socially. And there were cards that had conversational bullet points.

Some of the staff had gone thru rag mags, entertainment news, and art mags and put together a list of people who had done something that day. Had a baby, got married, won an award, died… that kind of stuff. So the guests might see a star or athlete they followed on the list.

Each card was in a different colour, so the people who wanted to do a specific thing could gather with a staff member wearing that colour tee shirt.
It gave the guests a screen to see who had the same interests. And what they were there for, in a way too. I mean, hookup and relationships are both good, whether human or paranormal. Just so long as everyone is clear about what they want.

The coup of the night was when a couple old members jumped the broom. They had been together a few decades, and kind of wanted to show they were in it for the long haul.
The staff and MGMT were thrilled to help with that. They thought the show might give hope to the guests. And it did, to some of them.

It was a long, glorious evening for everyone. The chatters chatted and a few left with someone they wanted to spend more time with. The hook ups went well. And the couples went off to continue their love story.

And a few of the staff stayed to put away the food, drinks and clean up. And take the garbage down to the dump site in town. They didn’t really want anyone outside the agency in-the-know about just how little actually got consumed.
Everything was put away till next event. And the place was locked up, like it had never been used.

Except a white feather, under a table, that they missed.
The owner of the building came by in the AM, and wondered how that feather had come to be there. Noone was suppoed to be using the place, after all.

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