LDR Dommie Story : Lap Dances Can Reconnect You

LDR Dommie Story : Lap Dances Can Reconnect You

Dommie’s LDR sub knew there was a long break coming up between their visits and wanted to have a special surprise ready for his Domme when they were finally able to see each other again.

So he went to a strip club and asked a few of the girls to show him how to do a lap dance.

At first they thought he was having them on to get free or more frequent lap time with them. But then they saw him making notes between their dances.

One of the girls grabbed his note book and read it over to see what it was about. And she took his pen and made some corrections and additions to his notes. He was glad he had thought to bring a multi-coloured pen, and that she had chosen a different colour from his writing.

Sub looked over what she had said and realized his biggest correction from her was the translation of how a woman would receive a lap dance and where a woman might get pleasure from a bottom on her lap. Vs a man who received one.

Oh yeah! Right…

Next time she came over, he asked her to show him that version so he could make notes. She had experience in a women’s only club, so she was happy to show him some moves that’d get a woman hot when in their lap. Like instead of sitting on top of the lap. sitting between the legs. Like putting your leg under theirs, instead of over, so you can rub closer to ground zero on a woman. Without using your hands. That wasn’t really allowed in clubs.

Good points! He thought! And made note.

The message went between the girls and he noticed a few of them started dancing more like they were trying to turm a woman on, vs a man. And suggesting music that women might like, vs a male customer base.

And he took note.

When he thought he had a good CD full of music, he started practicing at home. Till he thought he was pretty good. And he went back to the club when he knew those girls were dancing. He asked if he could show them what he had put together.

The girls giggled but were happy to have a break from their usual so they let him give them lap dances. And gave him opinions on his efforts. The manager came over once to see what was going on and if he really was willing to pay for this. He affirmed it was his idea. So the manager laughed and walked away. Whatever!

And sub paid attention. And learned more with each girl. Until they were quite happy with his performance.

Finally the day arrived when he was meant to meet his Dommie. And he made sure the CD was packed and a really cute outfit the girls thought she’d like. Full of glitter and even a boa for him to play with.

When he looked into his Dommie’s eyes he was glad she was in the right mood for it. So he pushed her into a chair and hit the on button on the CD player.

And the dance began. Dommie’s eyes lit up… She was so pleased when she received her surprise and understood the time and attention that had gone into this gift for her.

It became their special thing. And they both looked forward to this reconnection after not being able to see each other for awhile to attend other obligations.

After all, reconnecting can be sexy as hell. 🙂

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