A New Definition to “Bank Deposit” (a story)

A New Definition to “Bank Deposit”

Every morning and every afternoon, when people came back from their coffee breaks, I watched the bank manager enter the back office and lock himself in. I had tried the door often enough to know he never forgot to lock it behind himself.

You might think it’s no biggy, right? So what if he needs a little privacy? Don’t we all? But it’s a bank, first off.

It wasn’t his office. And I heard him moaning and counting. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing.

Finally, i decided to hide in the room, before he was due to go in. The room was used for storage, so it wouldn’t be that difficult.

And I acted on my decision before the afternoon schedule. He thought I had gone for a late lunch and was planning to leave early, instead of returning to work. So he didn’t think i was in the building. He hadn’t checked with security though. They could have told him I hadn’t signed out yet.

So there I was. Between a couple of shelving units, waiting for him to enter.

And when he did, I carefully looked over the shelf next to me when I heard him start to moan…

I was shocked and kind of wishing I wasn’t such a curious type.

Do you know what he was doing?

He had brought a handful of old bills and a few large coins in a sock with him. He dropped his trousers and attached the coin sock to his balls with an elastic. And started rubbing the bills over his cock and balls.

He was wacking off with the money!!??

I clapped my hand over my mouth and as extra security, I put my face into my elbow. Not that he was that observant anymore. I think cats could have started fighting right beside him and he would barely have paid attention.

I watched as he snapped a photo as he came. And send it to someone on his phone list.

Then he cleaned up and left the room. It took all of two seconds for me to break out into laughter.

Was this a new meaning to dirty money??!!

I snuck out the back door and went around front to sign out. I am not sure what I’m going to do with this info….

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