Antipsychiatry: Comorbidity Factors


Antipsychiatry: Comorbidity Factors

There are many reasons why the DSM series isn’t as valid as people would like to think, when they use it as the ultimate source. And even more reasons why 2/3 of the World’s psychiatrists and psychologists use the ICD -10 by the World Health Org instead.

These concerns affect people’s lives and don’t really predict what the APA and AMA would have you believe. Certainly not for people, families and cultures outside the USA. So in many ways, they are useless as tits on a bull. And should at least be considered with a jaundiced eye.

One of the biggest issues is the nature/nurture debate… did young buck with some bio anomyly cause what they went thru, or did his social environ shape him for bad or good?
While some would have you believe it’s always going to be an either/or debate. some say there are comorbid factors.

A good example of this is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which has biosocial factors and more people who have it end up in jail than stay outside.. They are impulsive and easily manipulated by other people and left holding the bag, basically.

So, much as you want to discard the bio factors completely as not being predictive at all, there are some that just are. And only the most rigorously positive support system would counteract that beginning.

But as the experts say, comorbidity and not otherwise specified (NOS) criteria complicate diagnostics. To the point where what you are quoting as fact, may have been an error in clinical judgment.

And it’s not sanism to say that when they are still discussing the factors that make this person a risk to themself or others. Which is the ultimate criteria for whether they are incarcerated in a mental health or correctional facility. IMO of course. But I stand in some pretty good company. It’s a field of study that needs to be carefully used still.

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