TV Mediums’ Trope (a story/ish)


TV Mediums’ Trope (a story/ish)

what is a medium?
can you learn to become a medium?


sample TV drama series


reality shows that follow mediums
Crossing Over with John Edward
The Dead Files


I follow a lot of shows in this vein. Something that looks at the spirit world and it’s interaction with humanity. Whether it’s angels and demons, or otherkin who are part human, part something else. Whether it’s a hunter who sends the spirit back to the other realm, or someone who communicates with them to learn their lessons or hear their messages and tell the human race. The hunter who wants to vanquish the spirit and the medium who wants to help them transition to the spirit realm.

The shows I like more are ones that incorporate skepticism. And I mean more than a spirit who doesn’t know their status, or a human who refuses to hear that message. I mean someone who checks the medium’s work. If they say the spirit was born in 1963 and was named John Doe, and died or went missing in 1975, they check to see this person actually existed. That this was fact. It could be a historian, a cop, a PHD in something that involves belief and research.


I also like shows where they use a medium, but that isn’t their sole aim. They also actually record the site with cameras and other tools that measure psychic factors.
Like Paranormal State


At the base is the belief that the spirit world and the human world interact. That there is a degree of involvement as well. From one who basically follows a track, a loop or is bound to a person or place and one who is more like a person in their freedoms. Yet they have a lot of extra-sensory abilities. They have a path of movement that is between realms and can teleport themselves anywhere they need to go.


And along comes someone who can hear or see them and interacts with them. Sometimes that is because they were attached in the living time of the spirit, and sometimes it’s because the person is psychic, sensitive, empathic, clairvoyent/audient and has more ability to interact.
Sometimes the medium has family who handed down the traits, and sometimes they died and brought back the conduits to spirit with them. Sometimes they have to be high to get over that, but then that leaves the door open for their experience to be denied. Until the skeptic comes along and confirms their experience. Sometimes they use divination tools, or rites, and sometimes they make contact thru the person the spirit wants to engage with. By being around them or touching them.
But the one thing they all need, is belief that spirit exists. It’s ok to doubt, it’s ok to question what they see. But they have to consider that it’s plausible.


And if there is one thing that leaves the door open for me to “believe”, it’s that energy is perpetual. It never dies, it just changes form. So how can we not believe in spirit and a realm that runs parallel to ours? They have to go somewhere, right? Maybe? Did I make you think for a second?

2 thoughts on “TV Mediums’ Trope (a story/ish)

  1. I like this one. Are you aware Harry Houdini spent his life debunking mediums and psychics. Not that he didn’t believe in the paranormal, he was looking for the real deal to contact his mother.

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