Father Time and NYE (bye bye 2019!)

father time collage


Father Time and NYE (bye bye 2019!)

What began as a baby has aged thru each season. Seeds begun early have now been reaped and stored as a full grown harvest. Creation has been destroyed, birth has become death, yet our souls live on. And we have starter plants and hoary spuds and tubers to plant next year left over. And the fields lie fallow for the winter here.

Each second has been counted in the hour glass of the master time keeper. And forgotten in the larger struggles of frustration and boredom. With a few moments of celebration and funeral thrown in to bless us out of the mundane. With a few life lessons thrown in for good measure. What would time be without maturity and growth? What would love be without knowing loss?

And if you lose hope, remember that each season has it’s purpose. Each stage of life and death has it’s purpose. As it is written, so mote it be.

And tomorrow will be why we cannot get too maudlin…for it is the day the baby is born and we start it all over again.

….Happy New Year!

song influences

The Byrds
Terry Jacks

(image description
left side “waving goodbye to this year – Father Time” –
right side top man with sickle in hand, center 2019 and hourglass, bottom a church bell)

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