And all Mrs Claus sees today is detritus…. (a story/ish)

And all Mrs Claus sees today is detritus….

The presents are made, wrapped, and sent out. The kiddies around the world are playing with and breaking them already. Santa and the reindeer are napping, the elves are playing tag and other games on their first day of freedom in months.
And Mrs Claus? Today she is sweeping up the shop area, wiping down the kitchen. And vaccuuming up all the blasted pine needles. They get in e.ver.y.where!
She knows of all the expectations and wishes that were in the letters that were emotional and therefore nothing Santa had thought of a way to meet. No matter how many tears he shed.
And she was humming sad songs as she worked. Wondering if they had remained wishes?
Wondering if there was something anyone can do?
Finally she sat down for a cuppa tea and a cookie Santa had brought home from his travels and pondered why it was that in a world full of everything anyone could ever want, so many children went without?
And she found a song and a movie to cry along to, but could not answer this very important question either. Could anyone?

(On a personal note, I lost my father this summer, my last parent, so I am spending my holidays grieving for unmet wishes. Thinking of all the ways my life could have been better if love had filled his cup instead of alcohol.
I’m glad I was able to fill my world this year with people who wanted to be in it, only though. People who were safe to be around too. So time for the nap after the cleanup here as well as the North Pole. It was a better one than I thought it’d be this year. Peace out! Ms P)

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