Dear Santa Dommie ….

2 days left!

Dear Santa Dommie,

I want to get to know you, so I thought I’d ask you a few kagillion questions…
(Dommie Sighs)

1) what is your fave animal?

This time of year, it’s not reindeer or cats and dogs. Trust me on that. Do you know what a nuisance they are??

2) do you really like milk and cookies?

NO gawds no! I’m lactose intolerant, and in more than a travelling the earth by my farts kind of way. Same with gluten!

3) Are you really that fat all year?

My aren’t you just a lovely soul! Of all things to ask. Rude much?? Humph!

4) When you get home, after travelling round the world, do you want a bath and drink? Or to fuck the spouse?

Do you kiss your mama with that mouth?? Nosy parker!

5) Am I on your naughty list?

Damn straight after the last two questions!! No doubt about it! Bad girl !! LILDUMPLINSUBBIE!!

And that is all for that. Santa Dommie is gonna whip the subbie before going out so the reindeer don’t get sorer backs than they need to!

SantaDommie Peace out!!

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