dear Santa dommie – sissytommy

Dear Santa Dommie ….

(a week away!)

Dear Santa Dommie,

I am crazy mad for lingerie! I adore the feel of it, the hug of it, the look of it… I mean, I spend hours on the internet and in stores looking for just the right piece for my trousseau.

And then when I’m done the window shopping and dreaming part? I sit and cry. Because in my head, everything is perfect. But IRL, I have a scrapbook and a PINTEREST (several K followers!! ) page. No one to show it to. No love to wear them for. And no drawer or closet full of yummies I can try on and parade or masturbate in. Now that is something to cry over, right?

What do I do, Santa Dommie?
signed, SissyTommy.

Dear SissyTommy,

Awww! Lingerie has so many expectations attached, doesn’t it? And it is gorgeous and feels so sexy. I love mine!

What should you do? I think you should stop building the wish list and be your own sugar mommy. Get yourself a few of your fave sets and wear them! Don’t go crazy! Just a few! Then maybe you’ll at least feel like you don’t have to cry about it while you wait. Enjoy them!

SantaDommie, peace out!

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