dear Santa dommie – yunghungdom

Dear Santa Dommie ….

(yes I know but xmas is in 2 weeks, right? lol)

Dear Santa Dommie,

I want a subbie girl who comes to me innocent, wild for me and everything I dream of. And if I can’t have her, will you come to my house and spank me?

YungHungDom (if this is an actual nick here, let me know and i’ll edit it)

(Santa Dommie scratches her head….then forwards the letter to the Santa who answers men’s dreams and fantasies, with more compassion than she has. After all, they have a whole dept of responders and she sits here alone.)

Dear YungHungDom,

You have the wrong dept. This Santa doesn’t spank you very much. That dept has a heavy load at xmas, but don’t worry! They also have a big staff.

SantaDommie. Peace out!

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