Imma Music Geek – The Q of Covering Other Artists’ Songs

Imma Music Geek – The Q of Covering Other Artists’ Songs

As the title says… Imma music geek and love to chat about which genres, which artists, and why I adore them There aren’t any genres that I don’t like something about. And there are things within each that I could live without.

And a big issue I have with music is cover songs. If all you’re going to do is copy someone else’s work so you can make a few bucks trading on their name? IMO you suck!! Go to karaoke! I mean even good karaoke singers can manage to make a song their own, at least as much as the tape allows. #amiright??

There are exceptions. I like it when something is overproduced and they strip it down, so it’s an actual song. Or they change the genre and make it fit that. Groups like TransSiberian Orchestra or Il Divo who do operatic versions of pop music and make it transcendental experiences.

Or practically anyone can sing Bob Dylan’s material better than he can. But he is a good writer and somewhat of a philosopher. I just don’t like his voice!

I do like contests like The Voice when they coach young artists and get them to identify with the songs they pick and develop their “sound”. As long as they actually can sing when they get up to perform. Which is why I’m not a fan of American Idol . Some people actually make it to the top, whose purpose is for everyone to mock them. Or because they’re cute and they like to watch them dance about.

And being somewhat of a geek, most people think that means you have to hate hiphop/rap. I don’t. I think sampling and mashups are fun. And they’re harder than most’d think to write. I’ve tried! (in my home projects that is)

Most of the people who do covers are just singing and playing what they heard and it’s a waste. Because 99% of the time, the OG artist did it better. It was their song, they put the journey and emotion into it. So it was their story.

At least that is what I think… Do you agree?

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