How to Be a Profiler on TV (shows and movies)

How to Be a Profiler on TV (shows and movies)

Traditionally, this would be limited to cops and psychologists, but lately they are turning to other people who notice stuff for a living… librarians, teachers, archaeologists, journalists,… even clergy.

Some of them use the same type of reasoning as Sherlock Holmes. Which was great back in the day of Conan Doyle, but not so much now. We reason better now.

Mostly it’s a case of looking for who was around at the time and who had motive. But that can be quite a quest. It has to be easier if you know the rules, like cops and psychologists do. Then your search is short listed.

Until it’s not? Because there is always that guy… you know. The nut who has no motive. Or the one who knows someone who has a motive and sets up that person for the crime so they can get away with it. And yes sometimes happenstance is a thing. Someone felt murderous, were on walkabout and there was a perfect storm of access and deniability when they were isolated enough they never got caught. But mostly people live within the rules, I mean for murderous, rapacious thugs and all ūüėõ

Profiling goes beyond the evidence to look at human nature and it’s patterns. While traditional profilers are looking for boot tracks and fingerprints, license numbers and car types, the non-traditional ones are looking for a story that fits the crime. And who had access.

I like both types of shows, but sometimes I think the traditional ones have told the same tales so often on TV that they’ve become repetitive and boring. They either have to go bigger and pick up themes like terrorism or grand conspiracies. OR go supernatural.

And that is when I know the writers have lost the plot. lol

Most people just don’t get caught up in these things and you are left knowing that’ll never happen off TV. But to me, part of the fun of watching dramas on TV is getting a chill of “if that were me…”. Don’t you think? And it kind of sucks when you cannot fit yourself into the story or the character.

Most of the TV shows for this season have started now. And we’re able to discuss our faves. Do you have one or two shows where someone profiles to catch criminals?

When Do-Gooders are WORSE than Trolls

When Do-Gooders are WORSE than Trolls

When a friend tells you they have an issue, you want to support them, right? Which isn’t bad. It’s a bonding instinct, after all. But it’s not a harmless, or always positive intinct.

Offering tea and sympathy gives the person support immediately, but in the long run, sometimes it does more harm than good. It reinforces their behaviour. And sometimes that can be life-threatening.

I’m not suggesting that you go back to the days of bootstrap thought on life and self care. Listening to your friend and hugging them is good¬†at the beginning.¬†But there comes a day when they have to make better choices. And sometimes that involves a friend who cares actually taking them to task. Sometimes it’s life or death if they don’t.

And the do-gooder seems inclined to over-do the tea and sympathy. IMO Which might leave their friend in real trouble. At best in a puddle of their own goo. At worst, in a coffin.

And sometimes these do-gooders, who have only tea and sympahy to offer, shout down someone as a troll who is actually giving good, responsible advice or calling them on their BS. Because this person is further ahead on the journey and really offering good wisdom.

Then along come do-gooders who know nothing and shout the person down. Which leaves their friend down in the goo and at risk for worse.

I know we throw the troll word around like it’s a judgement, but i think we still have to consider even trolls might know something about things that do-gooders don’t. What is that,Ms P, you ask? Well folks, it’s this: We’re all adults here. And ultimately, we do have to try to grow up and be a better version of ourselves tomorrow, don’t you think?

So how does leaving someone in their goo help them be a better person tomorrow? It doesn’t. It can’t. But it can kill them if their choices are to act in self-destructive or risky behaviours without thought. And IMO that is¬†not¬†who you offer tea and sympathy to. Even if that is what they’re asking for.

I hope that I get heard on this.

Do Races Exist?

Do Races Exist?

You could believe that “the people” were salted across the earth in little pockets; by gods, demons, demiurges or aliens.

You could believe that we evolved from apes, and some of those evolved went back to breed with the Neanderthals and Denisovans and some did not. Or maybe they bred with angels and demons and there are Nephilim running around.

What you cannot say with any form of truth is that there is one “race” of white, one black, one Indian and one Asian. That is were you find the racist thought.

Whether it was landmass, religion, war, intermarriage, or contagion of beliefs from neighbouring tribes as they traded and feasted together, “the people” separated and their environment shaped their skin colour as well as their experience.

There are many indigenous tribes spread over the earth. Who fought and enslaved each other, tried to convert each other, and befriended each other. Empires and religions rose and fell in importance. And they interbred enough so if you tested your DNA, you’d find that pale or dark-skinned, you have a mix of peoples within you. You’d likely not pass a “one drop” policy. Nor would the person next to you.

…. resources

Africa has 3000 distinct ethnic groups, 2000 languages. Home to the most genetically diverse people on Earth. So diverse that two Africans are more genetically different from each other than a Chinese and a European are from each other. Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent.¬†source


Asians and Pacific Islanders are generally grouped by regions although some of these can be politically controversial. There is tremendous diversity, with Asia having more than 40 countries, and there are more ethnicities than countries,


In Latin America there are more than 800 different indigenous peoples accounting for close to 45 million women and men or around eight percent of the region’s population.


by the time European adventurers arrived in the 15th century A.D., scholars estimate that more than 50 million people were already living in the Americas. source




There are approximately 370 million Indigenous people in the world, belonging to 5,000 different groups, in 90 countries worldwide. Indigenous people live in every region of the world, but about 70% of them live in Asia


They All Met at the Graveyard. (a story/analogy)

They All Met at the Graveyard.

(for Remembrance Day)

Each saw different things there.

They all saw headstones and flowers, some planted and some in bouquets. They all saw granite and marble, cast in icons of religion or in varying degrees of grave-markers. They saw dates and names marked and that some of the graves were older, some in plots that seemed separate from the rest. And wondered why that was.

And that is where they each went their separate ways.

  • The¬†denier¬†was convinced that the graves were empty, yet to be filled. Cuzz nothing had happened or ever would.
  • The¬†comspiracy wingnut¬†was sure that the empty graves were there to prove something that never occurred or something yet to come that big business or govt, maybe even big religion wanted us to see to hide what was really going on.
  • The¬†pageant and pomp celebrators¬†were dancing and parading, but had no sense of where the graves were and kept trodding on someone’s final resting place, just to have fun.
  • The¬†etchers¬†doodled over the names and dates and took pictures of themselves at the marker. So their friends’d know they were really there.
  • The¬†students of life and death¬†were charting the ebbs and flows of history, as their field thought it was and bickering amongst themselves. Till no one else could hear themselves think, let alone pray for lost souls.
  • The¬†priests¬†ranted on about ashes and the resurrection. Even though the mourners just wanted a bit of comfort.
  • The¬†professional mourners¬†wailed and gnashed their teeth. Yet when asked how long they knew the body being buried today, they said, “Not at all!”
  • The¬†mourners¬†were spilt between love and hate, but came for the duty and maybe the wine and cheese. They had to be heads counted, here on this day. To represent.
  • And at the foot of the grave, there was a¬†child¬†who quietly wept for their ma or pa. One soul that came in innocence, who most people there just stepped around. So they could carry on in their grand show.
  • And the musician saw it all, as did the story teller. It came with the price of watching everyone in the graveyard. They’d seen it all.

They all saw headstones and flowers, some planted and some in bouquets. They all saw granite and marble, cast in icons of religion or in varying degrees of grave-markers. They saw dates and names marked and that some of the graves were older, some in plots that seemed separate from the rest.

And they all heard the¬†song¬†the¬†musician¬†played as they came and as they left….

…. Nov 11, 2019

To those who served, who lost friends and family in service. Thank you for your sacrifice.

People I know who had/ve body issues….

People I know who had/ve body issues….

….the people

SF – may be the hardest story to tell. I went to school with her. Her dad worked for the school. We all thought he was cool. And she had such a great life to have him for a dad. When I heard her story about him sexually abusing her, it took a minute to wrap my head around it, till I remembered that knowing your target gets you their attention. I never doubted her, cuzz she was too upset not to be telling the truth. And then there was what came later…

SF grew up to manage enough trust to get married and have a child. Which didn’t last long. Her baby died of SIDs at just a few weeks old. And SF went into survival mode. She dissociated. So the cops thought she had done something to the baby and charged her. It took some time for her to get them dropped, but in that process, she lost her marriage. And her trust. And I think a lot of her will to live too.

All the stress, and she went back to old ways of coping. She measured and weighed and restricted and played the zero-sum game of food.
And ulcerated her bowels so badly, she got cancers. Before she died, she had no intestines left to resect. She had a bag and a hole cut in her stomach. She was skiiny as hell when they buried her, but nobody including her thought she was good looking then.


Two male friends, both were bingers, and by the time they were in their mid teens both had a stroke and were comatose for some time. Both battled weight and health. And were never quite the same after their strokes.I don’t know why their journey began this way.

I knew a guy who did steroids as well. He says it was for wrestling. And it may have begun for that. But nobody thinks someone who walks like an ape can possibly be athletic or even healthy.


Two of my sisters are bingers too. They do the measuring and fad diets. And counted their calories religiously. Yet each year they got bigger. One is infertile, and the other has endless gynie issues.

One of my other sisters deliberately keeps her weight at 100 or below. And has depression and rages. She has been violent to others, including me. She gets a really scary look in her eyes.

… Ana and Mia talk and sites

Are not cute ideas to play with and to mimic. They aren’t fun ways to say you have issues with food either. Which seems to be a¬†current trend.¬†. They are potentially deadly, very destructive coping mechanisms for people who cannot handle their bodies as they are. Whether that is because they were abused or whatever. And I think it’s a really horrific practice. I hope it stops.


That is what I think and why. Do you know someone who has these issues? You just might, you know. They’re pretty common.

Deosil and Tuathal (a fable?)

Deosil and Tuathal

Deosil was a cheerful soul. Always looking for the bright, the light, the positive. And all who came near her left a little brighter, a little happier.

Except Tuathal…

Tuathal liked the gloaming. Full of shadow, fear and sorrow. Looking for hate and monsters wherever he could see them. Instead of turning away, he sought them out.

Deosil met him one day at one of his lowest moments and begged him to see the sun. To follow the light. But Tuathal could not. It wasn’t in his nature.

Yet Deosil tried again and again. She thought her joy was contagious.

But instead Tuathal’s dark was. Deosil lost hope of being of aid to him. She lost hope that thinking positive, that feeling joy were cures to everything.

It was now obvious they were not. No matter what she offered him, Deosil could not cajole a smile from him. Could not find his joy or passion.

So Deosil started to cry and frown, instead of smile at everyone.

Till she was at her lowest. Till she looked up and saw that Tuathal was grinning at her plight, at her sorrow. And she knew what she must do.

Deosil killed Tuathal so she was free of him. And walked away.

At first she felt guilty, but not for long. Because she saw that everyone else was better off without him. Everyone else knew the way to be happy, but Tuathal. So they were glad to be rid of him.

For awhile that lasted. But Tuathal seemed to have a twin. Or was it a clone? Or had he come back as haint?

Deosil went to this new soul and tried again to soothe his sorrow and show him light. But he wasn’t able to change either. So Deosil ended his plight as well.

Deosil wasn’t sure how many times she found another version of Tuathal. She lost track. They came faster and faster, till Deosil found it harder to see the light herself.

So she went to a new land. And lived there, sure of the sun. Sure of her place and it wasn’t as a killer either. So there she remained.

Advice on Dating from a Domme: Staying out of the Friend-zone

Advice on Dating from a Domme: Staying out of the Friend-zone

First I suggested that you¬†slow your roll¬†and connect first. Then I said¬†lead with your humour¬†because humour outlasts sex and helps you deal with those cockblocking people. Who just won’t give you privacy. (Sighs!)

Which all means that you have this period of time when you can spend it talking and all that. But just to be sure you don’t end up in the friendzone… keep it¬†touchy feely¬†, but not creepy.

And how do we do that Ms P, you might ask?

Don’t make it about sex. Make it about affection and genuinely¬†liking¬†her. Make it a¬†tease¬†and flirt time. Where you find out if she likes getting her ear nibbled, or her throat licked. If she likes you sniffing her armpit, or burying your head in her cleavage. If she’s ticklish or not. Find ways to show her you’re in sync. Like¬†slow dancing.¬†Let it build organically.

And while you’re doing all that, hang with her. But not like you do with your mates. If you are a chorus of body noises and foul odours, she’s more likely to put a diaper on you than want you in bed with her. j/s. So be clean and pristine. And a rakish gentleman.

Don’t be the same as #everyotherdamnguy with red roses and chocolates. Do something unique. That you know she likes. Cookie cutter dating doesn’t really work. No matter how many best sellers come out of their methods. Make it about HER.

And when you’re both ready, it’ll be amazing. Make her want you, make her chase you.¬†Kiss her¬†like that is the most important thing in the world. Look at her, talk to her like she is the center of the universe. Let her know she’s pretty, hot, sexy and you want to keep her in your life to explore that. She’s worth the slow roll to you.

And it might last longer than this weekend.
Good luck!

Advice on Dating from a Domme: Lead with your Funny Bone, not your Boner

Advice on Dating from a Domme: Lead with your Funny Bone, not your Boner

The way to gauge a relationship, or at least the quality of it, isn’t about how often you fuck. Cuzz sexual energy ebbs and flows. And you have cock blocks, like jobs and kids. You know, people keep getting in the way of privacy so you¬†can¬†have sex. But so long as you gauge the type of joke for the people around you, you can always laugh. And it helps you get thru the hard stuff too.
Moments when you feel awkward
Moments when you’re sure you’re on your¬†last leg
and moments when you just want to¬†have fun¬†but can’t seem to get it together. A little humour goes a long way. And if you have a dark, gallows humour, it goes even further.
So find someone who thinks your jokes are funny, and you might last, beyond that wet spot on your bed. Or the kids knocking on the door at just that moment.

Advice on Dating from a Domme: Slow Your Roll, at least at the beginning


Advice on Dating from a Domme: Slow Your Roll, at least at the beginning

Listen to advice from Helen Reddy on how to treat a woman. Women know what we want from you.
Or listen to¬†Queen¬†and be a friend they can’t do without.

After the foundation is well laid, THEN introduce your fantasies and mention your peen. If you think she’s into it too.

Connection is key!