Just Running Errands (a story)

Just Running Errands

It might have been my own fault. Or at least I had my own role in how I was there at the wrong time. I was procrastinating all week about getting my errands done. And left it till the last minute. So there I was, one of a large crowd of shoppers. Trying to keep my patience among squalling babies, shoving people, and the constant announcements over the intercom.

That is the perfect recipe for most people who hate shopping like I do, to get a migraine. That and the fluorescent lights. Whoever thought those up should be shot! And here I was on a weekend morning, wearing my bra and girdle out, when usually I lounged at home in PJs. Getting a serious hum and pound going in my head and my eyes were clouding up.

But even I noticed them…

The two guys that were hanging about at the bank, with no clear aim apparent to their movements. I thought for one second that maybe I had watched too many reality crime shows? Until I caught sight of a bulge in their pockets. I knew the bulges were placed wrong for them to be happy to see me.

And I started off away from that area.

But i didn’t make it out in time 😦

The doors slammed right in front of me and I was part of the news event of the year.

Where two gun men shot up a bank. And most of the people in it were killed. I think most of the squalling babies lived. Unless they caught a bullet ricocheting? It seems even rabid robbers pale at actively aiming inside prams?

One never knows their thoughts, does one? Did they think of first person shooter games? Pinball? Bowling? “Get down you fuckers, I wanna win!”

But as I lay dying, the oddest thought went thru my head…”Mama, you’ll be glad to know my corpse is properly attired. All my underkit properly in place for the coroner to think, what a lady I am… Hope I made you proud in my final moments?!”

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