HR Crossed Lovers? (a story)


HR Crossed Lovers?

Jack sent a flower to Steve’s desk everyday. Steve politely asked him to stop. They were just coworkers after all. So Jack sent a danish from a bakery down the road. Steve like danishes, right? Not the point, Steve said. He was happy to get his own danishes and didn’t want these gifts. They obv meant more to Jack than Steve. They were being used to woo Steve, and he wasn’t open to that from Jack.

Jack refused to stop… so Steve took the matter up with their boss and the HR desk. Both sent a note to Jack, saying that coworkers were not to fraternize. It was against company policy.

Which Jack took to mean that it was time to quit his job.

And did so immediately. Then found some cute chocolates to send Steve everyday. After security refused to let him in the building. He slowly ran out of shops that could get the gift past the security desk. Where it was returned though.

Steve was kind of creeped out by this. He had no idea what he had done to give Jack the idea that he was something more than a coworker. They hardly said more than “hi” in passing, after all.

But he left it up to security to deal with. They had his and his boss’ instructions and were following them.

Until the day when Jack showed up outside Steve’s apt building with a ring and went down on one knee. Steve made a dash for the door and had the doorman help him by calling the police. He texted his boss and HR as well. Not that they could do anything though, cuzz Jack no longer worked for them.

What did the police do? Laughed a little, probably out of discomfort as much as anything. Told Jack to lay off and Steve to take the compliment. And left.

Steve wasn’t thrilled with this response. But what could he do? He had the boss and HR forward the file to the cop station. Which meant the police went around to Jack and told him seriously that he needed to move on to another crush. Steve wasn’t interested in him.

Which Jack took as he needed to buy a cute little cottage outside town. So the police had no jurisdiction over he and Steve being together. And found a card company that sent man-to-man cards to Steve at his home.

Steve contacted the mail service for his building and had those cards stopped at their offices and returned to Jack.

Which Jack took to mean that Steve had put in his quit lease notice and was going to be moving into the cottage with him soon.

And started planning their wedding. And each service he dealt with cced Steve with the arrangements that Jack had paid for.

Steve moved. And very few people had his new address.

Jack showed up in the parking lot at work everyday and serenaded Steve as he ran toward the office.

The police were called. And again they laughed and told Steve to tough it out. But by then, this had been going on for almost a year. So Steve went to the station and filed a detailed report. The desk sargeant sent an officer to Jack’s cottage and he had a chat with Jack about moving on.

Which Jack took to mean, he had to move further afield. The police were too close to his dream life with Steve.

And with a new address, he was able to start the cards up again, and the chocolates to work as well.

That was it! Steve quit his job and moved out of town. Jack had no way to find him now. And he was left heart broken.

The world and authority had conspired to keep Jack and Steve apart.

So Jack ODed on drugs and booze one night. And left a love letter for Steve about their star-crossed love affair. It was posted in the paper, so a friend “kindly” sent it to Steve.

Steve was horrifed. And it took him some months to process all of Jack’s actions. But at least he felt safe now. Jack was a nuisance that was gone now.

Though Steve did make sure to keep his head down at work. No one’d ever get the idea that he was open to even being a friend, let alone more, again.

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