The Originals (TV show)

The Originals (TV show)

Since it was a spin-off of
The Vampire Diaries, which I didn’t like the first episode of so didn’t bother watching, I was pleasantly surprised by
The Originals
Maybe because it had older actors, the themes behind the series were more historic/philosophical/quasi-scientific, which struck me as more mature than a teen lovers’ triad gone supernatural. I’m not exactly sure. And the first time I watched it, I couldn’t catch the whole series. Which is often the advantage to streaming over watching on a network’s schedule.

There are a LOT of characters running about, though. You do need a playlist so you don’t lose track. IMO:

werewolves – Crescent Pack –

originators of the werewolf curse. Cast in revenge as the elders killed the “hollow” and her power was divided and sent in several directions with one of her bones

Kenner Family

Jackson was of this family

The Labonair Family

both Hayley and Niklaus are of this family


vampires – The Mikaelson family

”Mikael (a Viking warrior) and Esther Mikaelson (a witch) , their children – Freya, Finn, Elijah, Kol, Rebekah and Henrik Mikaelson,
Esther’s child Niklaus with a werewolf Ansel, after Freya was taken.
Hayley Marshall (a werewolf hybrid) and Niklaus had Hope (a tribrid).
Esther turned the younger children into vampires so they couldn’t have children, after her sister Dahlia took Freya from her, and said she’d come for every first born. Dahlia tried to take Hope too.
Listen for Kol’s role in the making of the lore and the dark objects. He seems like a minor character, but lore-wize? He’s quite important to the structure.
And Henrik, Dahlia, Mikael and Esther are pivotal for motive. But Henrik is hardly on screen in this spin-off. Hardly even spoken of.

And Marcellus Gerard – the slave boy that Niklaus adopted/turned when he saw him being beaten by his owner.

the witch covens –

what their powers are, which family lines of witches are within it/ancestors, who they are allied with, and where they live in the city. The witches aren’t literally able to live beyond human years, but they can re-enter a witch’s body and live again (reincarnation, or step in)
Run by a Regent Witch. Such as Davina Claire and Vincent Griffith who both begin hating the Mikaelsons, and slowly become enmeshed into the family.

  • Balcoin Coven
  • Chamberlain Coven
  • The Hollow’s Coven
  • Treme Coven
  • Garden District Coven
  • Algiers Coven
    *Gentilly Coven
  • Obeah Coven
  • Gemini Coven
    & the Strix’ (Elijah’s sire line) “lost souls” witches

eugenics and supremacy

The war between the four breeds: the wolves, vampires, witches and human faction. Each set on being the one with self-determination minimum. Better yet, by having control over the others, at least to the point of restricting their access to other breeds’ homes. How was this determined? By who had the most power. And they were usually in the current favour of the Mikaelsons. Which made some sense, since they did “found” the city of New Orleans, when they got tired of running from their parents.

warp drive family drama

They didn’t just have bickering at the dinner table. They even went beyond soap opera level of sleeping with each other’s partners. Or at least trying to. There were curses, feuds, crusades and wars, staking each other and walling them up behind bricks, and trying to kill each others’ immortal souls.
But in all that was the promise of “Always and Forever”. (On a personal note, family like that should be estranged… j/s) They were supernaturally co-dependent. Till the end.

or is it the end?

You may want to ask Hope and watch Legacies as she goes to school established by Alaric Saltzman and Caroline Forbes in Mystic Falls. Which will it be closer to? Vampire Diaries or the Originals? And who will come visiting? Time will tell!

Or it could stand

on it’s own? It began and ended in quite nice places and let you in on some of the history. If you can keep the people straight? There is a large cast!

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