Leap Frog Days (a story)

Leap Frog Days

Bill and George had been frenemies forever. They should be friends, but really… they had so many of the same talents and interests, they were too alike to be friends. Does that seem strange? But their biggest same thing was their competitiveness. At least they respected their rivalry. But they took every opportunity to best the other.

Bill was a straight-shooter. But George was not. George did everything he could to sabotage Bill. And Bill knew that. But it didn’t change who he was, except to make him aware that George couldn’t be trusted. So he had to protect himself by not being accessible to George’s friends or George himself. Esp just before any games or sports they played in together.

And it got harder and harder for George to cheat as a result. Which made him more and more frustrated. And more creative too. He started paying people Bill wouldn’t recognize as George’s agents to do the tricks and deceptions that were intended to defeat Bill. Bill found it harder and harder to trust anyone soon enough.

It was like a game of leap frog. Hopping over each other and whatever was last done to win. George by any means, and Bill fair and square. Bill’s ways led him to feel isolated and lacking in trust. George’s led to him feeling angry and frustrated. They had lost a lot of their early friendly-ish attitudes and behaviours. And were often on the cusp of having a brawl.

It didn’t help any that some of their friends were playing their own games to come between Bill and George. Causing trouble and placing bets on who would get most upset. On who would overcome the trials and win the game or sport regardless.

Till one day George snapped. (It had to be him, right?) He went after Bill in such a violent way that Bill had to defend himself. Even though he felt like shit for doing it. But this was the one thing that George was better at. He’d had more practice, after all. And even if he hadn’t been better, accidents can happen and Bill was badly hurt. Nobody knew if it was by design, Not for sure. And George left him, ran from him. Not even checking to see if he was breathing still.

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