Looking Thru the Window (erotica/ish)

Looking Thru the Window

A new neighbour had moved in across the courtyard. And he was such a delish dish that I had to see more. So I dug into my storage cupboard and found my binoculars. Luckily for me, he took some time buying curtains. Maybe he had to save up first? Or he was an exhibitionist? But I had a good time watching his daily activities. I don’t think that man enjoyed pants much. And he had a love/hate relationship with underwear too. Awesome for me!

So I bought a camera… And took some lovely shots of him lazing about on the couch, the bed, He loved to cook with no clothes on, mostly for brekkie. I did notice he hardly ever made bacon lol. And the door on the bathroom opened directly to his shower. Sometimes builders don’t fog the glass enough for privacy. So I got some good shots, till the steam covered him.

And now and then, I caught him masturbating. His motions enough to loosen the blankets or sheets and I saw his cock erupting all over his stomach. And wondered what he was thinking of.

But finally the day came when he put up curtains…. I felt crushed. As if an affair was over. But he had gotten so used to not having them that he often forgot to close them. So our time together continued most days. And i was so relieved.

I did start to meet him in the communal areas of our building though. He always greeted me with a smile and a wink, So i wondered if he knew? Nah, I was careful not to have the lights on in the room, when I was watching him.

One day, he gave me a flower he had picked from the garden out back of the building we lived in. We laughed and joked about his thievery. So I got a chance to chat with him some.

And things built between us….

Till we were in and out of each other’s apts and beds.

I should have been more careful. I really should have.

He stumbled across my pictures of him one night, when i was sleeping, and I guess he had been restless and curious about my albums of photos.

I woke to find him gone. And from then on his curtains were closed.

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