Star Child Met Earth’s Sages (a story)

Star Child Met Earth’s Sages

Star Child was wandering around the universe and came close to earth. So he thought he’d pop down and look around.

Star Child took human form and walked down the street. First he came across a cauldron in a front door shop, where many herbs and elixirs were posed in the window. He was curious, so he went inside. The magician had a few moments between customers. so he gave a brief view of the world and all it’s elements. How mixing the right things could solve most problems and create new things.

Star Child nodded. And thought, “yeah sort of” And left the magician to serve his next customer.

Then he came to a temple and saw many supplicants on bended knee. He heard the priest talk about gods who were ruling humanity and we are the god’s favoured one. And we need to show our fealty to them. And only them or demons would track us down and take us to the land of the dead.

Star Child hmmmed and thought, “ok maybe…” And left the group to the privacy of their prayers and songs.

Next Star Child came to a laboratory, and saw some people in clean wear, nasks and overclothes, and working under hoods. He heard about the mixing of chemicals and the schools of thought of what was observed, and what was not. And how their field knew more than any other. And almost added his voice. But restrained himself since even star children have rules about evolution being autonomous and self-perpetuating.

So he left and thought, “well that’s a bit arrogant! It’s not quite that simple”.

And Star Child wandered off to a big building where there were many classes and lots of humans wandering about like ants in a colony. He found the professors’ lounge and heard the jokes about sex and body noises and fluids, and laughed along. He heard the lament about the regents and funding issues and almost cried. And he heard a few people debating about what was real and what was nonsense. And his face fell a bit.

Because Star Child knew they were only partially right, but he could say nothing to correct them. So he left.

And Star Child went back to the skies and thought for awhile about the state of humanitiy and their quest to be so divided. And worried for them. Until he remembered this song the star children often sung:

Once the humans were monkeys in the trees
Once humanity were fishes in the deep blue sea
Now they think they own everything their eye sees
And know of everything, including of me.

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