How Do I Dream?

How Do I Dream?

I hear most people dream about their daily life, finding a way to process it… But I’m not sure that I do. The only way I know I dreamt was if I wake up as a result of the dream. Then it depends how upset I am if I actually remember it when I wake for my day.

Memorable dreams that actually wake me:

  1. dreams that startle me and make me laugh. Eg: one night I saw a stallion in my dream and went from head to tail, slowly. It was a gorgeous stallion and I thought I’d love to ride that. When I got to the tail, it lifted and out plopped do-do. Ok gross, but it gets worse/better? I heard my kid sister’s voice saying “yummy! Chocolate shake!” Out comes a straw and she starts sucking it up. I heard her voice saying “mom make it stop!” and step mom saying “AAAACH what do you want me to do?!” I came out of my dream laughing!
  2. dreams that confuse me. They have nothing to do with me or my life. It’s almost as if someone inserted the dream, besides me. I wake thinking “WTF??” I’ve ended up in weird places, met odd people and done things I’ve never done. And it’s not scary or bad, I just don’t know how I got there. Reincarnation? Seeing someone else’s dream? I don’t know. I just know they don’t belong to me.
  3. dreams that scare me. These come in two groups.

a) I do have night terrors. And wake screaming, not knowing why. Just a feeling of impending doom, really. I don’t remember these.

b) I also have nightmares. Some about an abusive ex. Usually that he found me again. And some about my childhood religion POV, that it’s the 2nd coming or the devil has found me. And when my kid was young, I used to dream that we fell off a high place or I dropped her. Never happened though. The high place was usually a really cool castle balcony or turret.

But otherwise, i sleep until a neighbour or landlord wakes me or I have to get up. With no memory of what I dreamt.

I wonder what Freud’d make of this? lol

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