Cdn Federal Election is tomorrow! – immigration policy


Cdn Federal Election is tomorrow! – immigration policy

don’t forget to vote! If only because you can. Canada as a nation helps to ensure other countries have fair elections, so we should show that we can do it too. And for women, we have taken longer to get our rights, so we vote, not just for ourselves.


The first thing in the policy should be recognition of what our vision is as a country for ourselves. So what factors do we want the world to think of when they hear we are Canadian? And how does that affect our immigration policy?

  • We want to be seen as wealthy and yet sharing, kind. We don’t want to bully people into doing the right thing.
    Instead we want to show them we do as we preach, right?
    So don’t we want to take in people who are in extreme need? Fleeing war and abuse?

But what specifically does that mean?
Who does the abuse that we are helping them flee? The govt, their community, their partner?
Who threatens them? And why? Is it because of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion?
What level of threat is it? Will they be bullied, harassed, or do they actually face imprisonment or death? Or is it a nuisance more than anything?

  • If we are focused on gender issues and sexual orientation, do we focus on their lack of freedom, safety and resources? Because Canada is a world leader in such issues. How far do we take our role in that placing?


Second, our country has needs of it’s own. We have shortfalls in certain areas of occupation and study. So do we pick and choose from the world’s best and brightest to make up for those shortfalls? And who from? We have some obligation to our Queen, and the Commonwealth. As well they tend to have equivalent standards of study for the occupations. And we have trade obligations to USA and Mexico. Do we add those to our list to pick from?

Sometimes you have to find ways to make your old enemies a bit more friendly as well. So do we use immigration to cement their good will? Or do we fear that they will spy and sabotage us to the point where we have to worry more about terrorism within our borders? But then they might see that our peoples are multicultural, not just some homogenous blob under the “North American” umbrella. It might also separate us from the negative model that the USA is often seen by. And frankly, no other army has penetrated our borders since we became a country in 1867. We are often called to send troups, but have never started a war either. So how credible is that fear, really?


Third, our citizens have to be kept as safe as possible, so what are we checking on, when we look to see how they will fit in here? We do run them thru police checks of course, but what about their group affiliations? Have they been thru terrorist training camps? Are they in a death squad? Do they run with gangs that sell illegal items and trade people for slavery and sex trafficking? Are they abusing their partners?


Fourth, we are a socialist country in as much as we have national health and education plans. But they are overtaxed as it is. So do the people we allow in have to be sponsored or independently wealthy? Or at least able to work for their own upkeep?


Fifth, we don’t want someone sitting in isolation, so where we send them matters, in that they need a sense of belonging to the peoples there. Will they find groups that are similar to their own here, or actually of their own? It’s hard enough coming to a new place, without that potential.


And sixth, it may sound silly in other countries, but people die here every year, due to the hostile temperatures… Does this person have the mental and physical, financial wherwithall to survive?


As you can see, there are a lot of critical questions. The world is full of people in need, but so is Canada. So, one final question needs to be asked: how do we say “no” and not look like bigots?

So get out and vote Canadians!!

Gawd this toy is…. (an erotic/ish story/ish, humour/ish)

Gawd this toy is….

Been seeing toy reviews and this is where my mind went. Sorry, not sorry? Somehow I doubt this is the review the company is looking for…?

I had been feeling drooly in my lady bits all day. It just seemed to be a hormonal kind of day. And all the men near me looked so amazing in their suits, then there was street construction and of course the guys on crew were fit. Right?? So I was dripping.

And tonight was most def not date night. (pouts) This was the work week from hell. Much too busy for that.

So off to the shower and my bed I went. I reached into my bedside drawer (you know the one ladies!) and grabbed my buzzy.

I started with my fingers, then turned on the buzzy. I was getting into a nice rhythmn… ready for a good starter gasm. (yeah you know what I mean, right ladies?)

And I heard the couple down the block who’d just had a baby fighting in the nursery thru the wifi on my buzzy!! whu?? Hey! Well there goes that O. Usually it’s only your own baby that is a cockblock, or gasm block for the ladies. Right? lol

Ok so they walked out of the nursery and all was quiet. So I started buzzy up again… and was just getting to that place of one more touch, one more buzz …

And the bar down the street was having a karaoke night and some drunk was busy thinking he could outdo Mick Jagger. Now I’m not a Stones fan on the best of days, and it’s not that Mick can sing on key either… But geesh that drunk had NO BUSINESS singing in public!

Instead of focusing on cumming, I was covering my bleeding ears.

That was it! I turned off the wifi feature I’d thought was so cool and finished my burn with my fingers. 😛

so do you think they want this review? Somehow I doubt it!

Cdn election- influence of the USA – metric, spelling, apa

Cdn election- influence of the USA – metric, spelling, apa

We’re having federal elections on Monday here in Canada, and the fact that the USA keeps trying to shove over the border needs to be addressed. IMO.

In Canada, our primary trade partners are the USA and Mexico due to the NAFTA trade agreement we just foolishly resigned, at our cost again. The 49th Parallel is the border between Canada and the USA. Many Canadians and Americans cross over it daily. Whether for shopping, work, or tourism. And our primary media comes from the USA, sadly at the risk of losing our own. Even with laws to protect our arts. But there are two critical ways you can see that we are not an annex of the USA, our spelling is British and French, and our weights and measurements are now French. We still follow the lead of the British in those, despite dealing with the US more than the British.
Where we don’t follow the lead of the British, to our loss, is by using the mental and medical health standards of the USA. We follow the APA, rather than the British who use the World Health Org’s guidelines. Despite the fact that our population is different than the USA’s and we need to respect that. Our laws are also more online with the British which puts our “experts” in the position of needing to create a mishmash everytime a case goes before the courts. Though they’ve certainly had the time to get used to it, it seems like a costly waste of money and time that could be better spent in even a time of excess (wait, we have excess??)

…. Metric vs Imperial –

The metric system was first adopted in France in 1799. (Keep in mind that Canada has been under both French and British crowns. We are still bilingual)
British Imperial System, traditional system of weights and measures used officially in Great Britain from 1824 until the adoption of the metric system beginning in 1965. (Keep in mind that Canada is still a Commonwealth Nation, unlike the USA)
Most countries in the world use the Metric System. Here is a map
advantages and disadvantages

…. Brit vs USA spelling

the lexicon
Here is a map

Why are our journals important on a kink site?


Why are our journals important on a kink site?

I think it’s important to know something about the person who is behind the fetish. How they wandered into the kink world and became that lovely person who you are crushing on.


I’ve written about my grandma, my mom, step monster, my sisters and my daughter. I think they tell you how i see women.
I’ve written about my alcoholic dad, my brothers and my lovers. I think they tell you how I see men.
I think that knowing these people and my relationship with them tells you what my love maps are likely to be, why I became the person I am. In spite of them mostly. It took years of hard therapeutic work and study to get where I am. If there is one thing you know about me from the time with them, it’s that I am strong! because I’ve had to be.

I’ve written about being raised in a hamlet in the countryside, adjacent to the farm world. Inside the church, with hypocritical parental role models. I became an idealist very early, But am enough of a pragmatist that i realize people rarely measure up. I’m a nature lover, hence pagan.


My first job was in health care (in a nursing home as an aide) , and I helped step monster care for her mom, my gran. She is the reason I survived my childhood. So i have a lot of love for the elderly. Health has been an occupation for work and study for most of my life. It’s a passion of mine also. I tend to advocate for self care journeys and alternative health plans though. Again pagan.


I was/am a single mom of a now adult daughter. She is the light of my life. And I’m glad I had her, whatever the circumstance was.

I am a liberal, anarchical woman and I don’t appreciate the govt telling my kid and I how we can be as women, as lovers, as parents. Or trying to take charge of our bodies. Or our lives.


Can you see how I have arrived at the age of 50+ as a dominant woman? How I enjoy dollification and sissification as well as the costumes and pageantry that go with them?
And can you see why I want someone who comes to me willingly as a candidate? Who doesn’t fluff me with the whole “forced” thing? I want it clear that they are changing their attitudes because they want, need to! Not because anyone is manipulating or forcing them to.

So that tells you who you are greeting when you read my stuff, or perv my wall. And it definitely says who you’ll find in my message box.

Just little ole me!


tekwar (the movies and tv show)

tekwar (the movies and tv show)

William Shatner is behind the story and franchise of Tekwar (though you may know him better as the actor behind Captain Kirk in Star Trek.)

It is a slightly futuristic (2045) look at the underbelly of something that was barely in development at the time that Shatner wrote the novels. Yet what he invisioned has come to be. Like real life drug addictions, technology, the internet, esp the dark web have all become places for illegal activity to flourish. There are gangs, and resistance groups who spar with the police and govts for supremacy within it’s streams of thought and activity. And people really are spending inordinate amounts of time at the peril of their jobs, families and even lives on it.

The upside is that we have a sort of Gonzo journalism that Hunter S. Thompson would be proud of. It’s almost impossible for govts to keep secrets from the people today. Because the people can tell a friend in another country. Easily.

Access to art, music and literature is now open to everyone and you can become quite an expert in them. Without spending fruitless years in school and paying a mortgage equivalence for something you can’t use. Unless you’re good enough to teach it or actually publish. And you can be instant penpals with someone across the world from you, as well as research your family tree. You can also research your symptoms and ask intelligent questions of your doctors. The internet is what you make of it; a tool or an obsession.

And Shatner’s vision for the series was of the dark side. Complete with a hero who was either a dirty or rogue cop who had lost everything to his addiction to Tek. And became a PI who fought the good fight to bring the teklords and pushers to an end. Whether he succeeded or not, he had a very interesting journey in his attempts.

I had/have a crush on Evigan for years and he was why i watched this series. Because I’m not a Trekkie. Though I do enjoy scifi, I found the Star Trek series to be overproduced. So I began viewing Tekwar in SPITE of Shatner’s presence. And the movies and the TV series were worth the view in my opinion. There is action, romance and a good bit of philosophy, psychology and sociology in it. Which might actually make me look if Shatner were to write another series like this. And there are really cool “streaming” shots when the tek is being accessed. I’d recommend it if you like soft scifi, that isn’t about battles in space ships.

…. timeline of real technology/internet


The technology continued to grow in the 1970s after scientists Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf developed Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol, or TCP/IP, a communications model that set standards for how data could be transmitted between multiple networks. ARPANET adopted TCP/IP on January 1, 1983, and from there researchers began to assemble the “network of networks” that became the modern Internet. The online world then took on a more recognizable form in 1990, when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web.

data havens – 1980s leading to the darknet, browsers meant to hide your location and browsing history, and BITCOIN

Cdn Federal Election is in @ a week – taxes!


Cdn Federal Election is in @ a week – taxes!

If I could design the tax plan every party had to live or die with… it’d go something like this:

…. A)

A lot of people think taxing the rich is a smart way to go. But we do need to:

  • give them incentives to stay in Canada
  • be a good neighbour to their community
    (give money to local charities and sponsor their programs)
  • be responsible stewards of the environ
  • hire Cdns.
  • give them good, safe working conditions,
  • give them good benefit plans
  • and act within the laws of Canada. Criminal, civil and labour laws that is.

If they do all that, then they should get tax breaks.

…. B)

Some people think cutting benefits to those on govt subsidies and pensions, including work incentives is the smart way to go. They Say Cdns should be independent and honest and some have cheated the system.
That may all be true,but….
If we define ourselves as a just, caring, Christian nation, then don’t we need to be sure of things like:

  • there are no homeless
  • people in medical and/or psychological distress can still get food and shelter
  • our elders and children get good care and support, as do their caregivers.

…. C)

The middle classes are always going to be running to keep up with the Joneses.

  • If they have kids and homes, they should get credits to support a reasonable lifestyle where they live.
  • They should have safe traffic and work places and a community nearby where they can access what their family needs.

….. D)

mom and pop stores are where tourism lies and tourism and trade are where Canada lives and dies. So if the govt wants to support a business, here is where the dollars should go.

…. E)

But the biggest issue with taxes is where they are wasted. Not where they are spent. And IMO that is in a govt machine that is so huge!! And govt staff who get wages, benefits and bonuses, even in times of contraint.
Same with institutions that just drain. Rather than acting like people’s nanny, we should support programs that encourage families, businesses, rather than instiutionalizing them every time they hiccup. Get out in front of problems, rather than be punitive or medicating people.

That is my POV, but I tend to be a liberal, mostly anarchist about things. I prefer local boards who actually participate WITH their community to uphold a good and fair ethos. Not this crazy big monstrosity we have.

I know politics are a hot button with some people, so if you comment, be respectful or be gone

What Daddy Gave Me (a story/ish)

What Daddy Gave Me

Daddy gave me a little table beside his, and I was so proud! Till I realized it meant I wouldn’t be eating with Daddy, then I cried.
Daddy gave me a little chair and I was so proud! Till I realized I couldn’t sit on Daddy’s lap anymore and I cried.
Daddy gave me a small plate for my table. And I was so proud, till I realized Daddy didn’t want to share anymore. And I cried. But he did give me scraps when he was done… is that a good thing?
Well it was till I saw that I was at the end of his pecking order. First came oldest son, then favourite daughter, then all down the ages till it came to me… and I’d always wonder if I’d have enough to eat. So I cried. But I gagged the cold, dry, almost rancid scraps down cuzz Daddy had given them to me and I needed to eat.

Daddy gave me a water fountain, right beside his. And I was proud, till I wondered if it was because he didn’t want me drinking at the same fountain? It took all I had to drink the water he gave freely, without choking.

Daddy gave me a special seat at the far back of the bus, and I was so proud I could ride in the bus with Daddy, till I realized I couldn’t talk with or see Daddy and his friends on the ride. And it took all I had to not throw the seat at Daddy. I had tears of rage flowing down my face.

Daddy started to watch me when I was growing and gave me some skimpy clothes to put on. He and his friends clapped and cheered and paid me attention. I was happy, till I realized the only time I had their attention was when they wanted sex from me. It took all i had to stay in the room, cuzz my tummy felt ill and I had the creepy crawlies. Daddy got mad at me if I refused to dance for his friends.

One day I made the connection…Daddy wanted a blow up sex doll, not a friend, sister, partner or even a daughter. And that was the day Daddy stopped being someone important to me.

I went out into the world, ate garbage off the floor, walked for miles and danced for strangers. And Daddy never saw his blow up doll again. I was my own person.

The Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene – the questions

The Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene – the questions

Is it a love story? Or of a prophet and his follower? A Rabbi and his wife? Or of a demi-god and his accolyte? Or maybe all of the above?

Was the Holy Grail a relic of the burial of Christ? A piece of cloth The Shroud of Turin , Jesus’ cup from the last supper, or wood from his cross? Or his royal blood line? And if it was, was his wife Mary Magdalene?

When they call Mary Magdalena a prostitute, do they mean street or temple whore? Which is a priestess of the temple who renacts the “marriage” of a goddess and god with a priest.

Some of his followers called Jesus “Rabbi” and if he was deserving of that title, then by Judaic law of the time, he had to be married.

His mother and Mary Magdalene were together at the cross and burial site of Jesus. Which makes you wonder who she would have to be to let a mother of the time grieve with her?

OR are Jesus and Mary common Middle Eastern Judaic names of the time and is it all a fable, a moral play set up by the poets of the time (most likely the Essenes)?

What do you believe?

…. resources

Dan Brown has again raised the possibility of Jesus and Mary Magdalene having left more than a story behind them in The Da Vinci Code


Priori of Sion claim to have the complete geneology of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Starting with a daughter and son

Sarah-Damaris Princesse de Juda pré-mérovingien [Bat Yeshuah] was born in 27 and died on an unknown date. iii.

Yeshuah-Joseph Yuz Asaf Jésus le cadet, Joseph Harama Théo du Graal Ben Yeshuah was born in 33 in Judée and died in 120 in Srinagar, Cachemire

Knights of Templar formed to protect travelers to the Holy City, linked to the Temple of Solomon and the Holy Grail

Freemasons possibly formed during the middle ages and linked to the Holy City and the Temple of Solomon.


Desposyni – bloodline of the Lord and Master -siblings of Jesus
Coptic Text that says Jesus and Mary Magdalene had two sons
possibly named Ephraim and Manasseh

and there is a legend in France that Jesus and Mary had a daughter possibly named Sara
the cult of the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer

Merovingian – bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene into the Kings of France


Matthew 13:53-58 King James Version (KJV)
53 And it came to pass, that when Jesus had finished these parables, he departed thence.

54 And when he was come into his own country, he taught them in their synagogue, insomuch that they were astonished, and said, Whence hath this man this wisdom, and these mighty works?

55 Is not this the carpenter’s son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas?

56 And his sisters, are they not all with us? Whence then hath this man all these things?

57 And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.

58 And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

When you enter a house with your army boots on… (a story)

When you enter a house with your army boots on…

Wendy was the type of person who couldn’t get thru a day or a chat without conflict. She thought everyone was stupid, well at least of less intelligence than her. So if any topic came up, she’d start a lecture going. She expected everyone to gather around and nod like they were bobble-head dolls. They weren’t allowed to have opinions of their own. Unless they agreed with her.

You could say things like, but she meant well, and hey maybe she really is as smart as she thinks. But maybe some people just don’t like preachers away from the pulpit, or teachers away from the front of the class. They like to make up their own minds. Based on their own experience. And ok, if they are wrong, they’re the ones who have to live with the consequences, right?

But Wendy didn’t think like that.
She read, she wrote, she studied, she prayed and heard the voice of her gods (or is it demons?) and went forth to spread the gospel according to Wendy. (Wait! Is there a Wendy chapter in the Bible?? I must have missed that one!…)

She claimed to be submissive… But not a single man’d swear that they had actually seen her submit. She’d lay down her rules, her preferences, what attitude they should take with her, who they should be… to the point where they were wondering if there was room for them in the list.

What did she actually want or need from them specifically? Nothing that was tangible.

Wendy described herself as a brat, a princess, a SAM… anything that meant the master, sadist or dominant had to do things her way. Or else. She had everything mapped out, to the point where the few guys who did engage with her felt shut out of the dynamic part. They felt they were fetish dispensers. They weren’t teaching her anything. nor were they the ones leading. Like she was using their penis to masturbate, as a sex toy. But fuck the rest of them.

The only way they could have broken her was if they abused her. And luckily for Wendy, they weren’t the type. So they walked away. Leaving her believing they weren’t strong enough for her. They couldn’t handle her. She didn’t see their walking away as maturity. She saw it as her being failed by them.

Maybe you agree with her? But she had no friends, her coworkers refused to invite her to their shindigs, and nobody wanted to play with her.

But every night Wendy prayed for the man who was strong enough for her to come into her life. And her guardian angel would sit crying, wondering how to help this lonely woman.