Sin and Grace : Sin #5 – Wrath (erotica/ish)


Sin and Grace : Sin #5 – Wrath

Sin 5 – Wrath
Wrath is strong anger or hate towards another person. It is said we should cultivate patience by first understanding the needs and desires of others before acting or speaking.


Domina and her male sub were trying to deal with their past Christian hang ups and become more pagan in their thoughts. So they thought they’d do some work revolving around the sins.
And it seemed that lately sub was having problems controlling his frustration and hurt, so he became angry much too quickly.

So Domina asked him to participate in a martial arts class. Which may seem counter to the concept, but actually the first things they teach are defense and self-regulation. They also teach that violence is a last resort.

And it didn’t hurt any, that Domina happened to like watching two men of fairly equal ability fight. Well, spar really. So win-win for her if he did well.

Sub was also taken to places where people gathered who had less than 100% ability. And practice being aware and alert to their needs. Without them telling him, and without intruding on their autonomy. She made it clear that in order to solicit his help, they had to be in need, and unable to do it themselves. She saw this as a chance to develop his intuition, kindness and empathy as well as patience.

She also thought it’d balance out the martial arts. So he saw the greater goal of defense of others, before his own pride or anger was called into play.

Sub was exhausted by a lot of these activities, but also was taking pride in the improvement he showed in these skillsets. And saw that Domina was proud of him as well.

And to both their benefit, Domina usually wanted to have sex with him after he had shown a new skill at martial arts classes. Or won a match. So sub was getting good sex and earning his belts! Win-win!

And it did actually teach him why he needed to calm down as well.

But not quite fast enough for Domina, so she enrolled them both in couples’ yoga, that included a lot of meditative work. She thought her participation with him was a good idea. And she liked the classes as well.

The yoga did the last bit towards sub being a calmer person, and less likely to get angry when his feelings were upset. Though some might say, it was due to him getting laid more often? lol

Sometimes good things, like rewards, teach too!

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