Sin and Grace : Sin #4 – Sloth (erotica/ish)


Sin and Grace : Sin #4 – Sloth

Sin 4 – Sloth
Sloth is excessive laziness or the failure to act and utilize one’s talents. Diligence or zeal is the antidote to slothfulness.


Domina and her male sub were trying to deal with their past Christian hang ups and become more pagan in their thoughts. So they thought they’d do some work revolving around the sins.
And the next was sloth.

Domina was a bit of a mind junkie. Anything that had to do with dynamics, schema, intelligence… personality and moods. That was the kind of reading she did. And often she sent little briefs to her subs about the reading of the day. Sub had gotten quite hooked on these briefs. And when sloth came up, he reminded her that sometimes what appeared as laziness was often perfectionism. According to her brief one day. It had really resonated with him.

Sometimes someone got so stumped by what to do first, or so caught up in the details that they froze. Whether it was self-confidence or passive-aggressive self-defeating behaviour, it was irrelevant why, if it impeded their progress.

So Domina reviewed the brief sub meant and thought about her aim for this sin.

Sub was kind of disorganized about his work, and often had a messy work area. Which certainly could be self-defeating. If he spent so much time looking for what he neded next, he might lose impetus in the work. Because who wanted to spend an hour searching, before they could do the work? So his procrastination got worse, and he was barely making his deadlines at times.

So Domina had him start a housecleaning job for a charity that helped special people get their houses or apts in order. People with mental or physical illnesses, or people who were dying. They could no longer manage on their own. And didn’t really have any support. Sub started to realize what a mess meant to some people. It meant they could lose their homes, their children, maybe even fall and be further injured.

After a couple weeks of this, sub went home one day, and cleaned out all his closets. And piled together the stuff that was needed together. And everything that wasn’t really needed was in a donate or garbage pile. And he actually followed thru. All because he was able to do it when the charity clients could not. And he felt guilty for it.

Domina smiled when he told her and took her on a tour of the project. His closets were immaculate. And so was his work station.

Now he could get down to work. Easily! Which he really liked.

So Domina went to the next stage of sloth, based on something sub had been asking for for awhile. He wanted a sissy dress. And the one he wanted was one of those old-fashioned, lace and pleat styles, that are a nuisance to maintain. And previously, she just didn’t think sub would do the work required. It’d be a shame if the dress got wrecked because he wasn’t doing the work.

And Domina found a pair of patent leather shoes to go with the dress. In a style that was reminiscent of the original era of the dress. And if you know leather, you know it needs to be kept clean and shined.

So with sub having learned the importance of organization and found keeping the organization helped him do the work, she gave him the dress to iron and the shoes to polish. And took some awesome pictures of him wearing them with a cute wig and cape of the era.

And Domina kept an eye out to be sure he kept up on the maintenance.

And he did! As a result, he got to live out his sissy fantasy with her. Win-win!

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