Sin and Grace : Sin #3 – Greed (erotica/ish)


Sin and Grace : Sin #3 – Greed

Sin 3 – Greed
Greed is an excessive pursuit of material goods. Religious orders advocate charity to combat greed by putting the desire to help others above storing up treasure for one’s self.


Domina and her male sub were trying to deal with their past Christian hang ups and become more pagan in their thoughts. So they thought they’d do some work revolving around the sins.
And greed was next on the list.

Sub was a tech-junkie. He was obsessed with the “next” “new” thing, whatever it was. Which might be ok, for some. But he was getting ready to move, and still adding to his collection. While packing.

Sub had collections ongoing from his DJ and KJ days, when he hadn’t done either in years. And that might be ok, but he had 2-3 versions of the same disc or tape, in case there was wear and tear, or a scratch or broken one. Stuff happens when you’re putting your stuff into other people’s hands. But when you are simply playing them in your own safe home? Not so much!

So Domina put a moratorium on any purchases till he was unpacking at his new place. His only out was to sort thru and delete if he bought anything new. And there were a couple times when there was a sale on. Sub was going thru his collection now to see if there were songs that weren’t as popular as he had thought they might be. All the replicas were gone. And he was getting panicky that he might run out of choices before he moved.

What did he do with the stuff he wasn’t keeping, you might ask? Well, the opposite of greed is charity. But this kind of stuff isn’t exactly something you take to your local rag shop or tip. So he found some kids starting out in the biz, and gave or sold for dirt cheap. Depending if the kid was willing to accept charity. Some people are proud after all.

One week before the move, sub was out of replicas and out of the one-hit-wonders and B side songs. And there was a sale on! He didn’t know what to do! So he went to Domina for advice. Or maybe a reprieve?

Domina refused the reprieve, though she was impressed with his diligence. And made a note to herself to get him a present as a reward.

They put their heads together and thought of a way he could be charitable and keep what he had collected. As well as get something new. They came up with the idea of him DJing for a fashion show that a local charity was having. And he offered his services and time for free. And the benefit of all this sorting was he had an updated catalogue.

When he arrived, the organizer was in a tizzy because one of the models had backed out. He offered to model their items. But was a little distressed when he found out they were lingerie items for men. TG they were more like boxers or briefs, so he held to his promise.

Sub had never received so many wolf whistles in his life! And he had previously thought his Domina’s sister Dommes were bad!

Sub got his butt smacked too. By the end of the night, he felt well and truly spanked. And all four of his cheeks were red. He wasn’t much into spanking, but he liked the flirting and sexy attention that went with them. And the ladies were pretty hot! So he endured. And the organizer asked if he’d be willing to participate again next year. Sub checked with Domina and when he had cleared it, said yes.

It was a cheeky fun night and he’d had fun. And he got to pick up some new stuff at the sale too. His move went better than expected, due to the paring down.

So all around it was win-win.

And his present for doing such a good job adhering to the challenge? Domina bought him a new program for his laptop, so he could keep a copy of everything he had on that for safety.

Sub was thrilled! And pared down a bit more on the hard copies.

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