Sin and Grace: Just Sin? (Lust and Gluttony) – erotica

Sin and Grace: Just Sin? (Lust and Gluttony)


Domina and her male sub were trying to deal with their past Christian hang ups and become more pagan in their thoughts. So they thought they’d do some work revolving around the sins.


Domina thought there might be another way to work at these sins though and she called a few female dominant friends with an invitation for tonight to play it out.

Then she texted sub to be hairless from the neck down, which was unusual for her. She liked a bit of “fluff” usually. But sub complied to this oddity. He was also invited to serve her and her lady friends get-together.

Sub thought it’d be the usual, with him carrying trays of bevvies and food, while getting groped by the ladies. Since he’d just be wearing a thong and an apron.

When all parties said yes, Domina went to the grocery store and picked up hor d’oeuvres, berries, grapes, black cherries, olives, pineapple slices, and cheese cubes. A bit of savoury and a bit of sweet. She picked up some chocolate and coloured sprinkles and cans of cream as well, for the ladies to add if they had a sweet tooth.

When sub arrived, Domina took him by the hand and led him to the front dining room, with the big oak table in it. Covered in her cheap plastic table cloths, which she never used for her guests. Esp not her sister dominants.

Sub was told he had two choices. He could serve her sisters in the usual way, or he could be the human “tray” for their celebration.

Domina watched sub’s eyes bulge, and his skin flush. She knew he was kind of shy and didn’t really like being nude around the ladies. So she was waiting to see what his decision would be, with bated breath.

She was almost as surprised as he was when he said he would be the “tray”. And she saw him go even more red.

Sub stripped and laid on the table, as Domina and another sub of hers quickly laid out the foodstuffs.

And the ladies started arriving…

Sub was a bit squirmy at times as they licked the cream off his hairless skin, and as they groped his nipples and package. It was a long, very long, session of sensual torture and edging at times. But sub was in seventh heaven. And Domina was proud of his self control.

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