Sin and Grace : Sin #1 – Lust (erotica/ish)

Sin and Grace : Sin #1 – Lust


Sin 1 – Lust
Lust is a strong passion or longing, especially for sexual desires. Chastity or self-control is said to cure lust by controlling passion and leveraging that energy for other things (or people).


Domina and her male sub were trying to deal with their past Christian hang ups and become more pagan in their thoughts. So they thought they’d do some work revolving around the sins. And lust seemed a good place to start.
In femdom, chastity seemed to be the common way to deal with this issue, but neither Domina or her sub thought that cages taught you anything about SELF-control. And neither thought they were the do-nothing type either.

So they agreed to work on it another way. By using edging. Sometimes teaching you where the line was between sin and grace was best done by crossing over it. Excess. So long as someone was there to bring you back, if you couldn’t manage it yourself. And Domina promised to be there for him, if he went too far.

Sub was ready and figured this would be a sinch. He’d never had a problem masturbating. But their deal was, that whenever he had an urge, he had to address it urgently by edging.

He should have known better… Trying to keep his insane schedule that rarely let him go out with friends or meet with Domina and edging everytime he had an itch? 😛

It’s not like he could just yank his penis out, like a bonobo in the forest. Where the other bonobos might glance, but unless he was after their hiny, they just went back to whatever they were doing and ignored him. Oh no! He had to be an adult human, traversing the social world.

And everytime he had an urge, he had to leave the room, find a private place and edge himself. He found himself leaving go-trains, buses, conferences and meetings with clients. And people were getting annoyed with him. And he couldn’t tell them what was going on. Not even his best friend.

Sub did his best to keep to his word and work, but actually found he had to take a few days off just to succeed.

Funny thing is the more he edged, the less he wanted to. His penis was getting sore, he was actually developing a bad case of carpel tunnel and he was almost caught several times. once by the police. When he told Domina, she started calling him George Michael, or PeeWee Herman. Even in front of other people. They didn’t explain why though. Boy did they get some odd looks.

So Domina didn’t need to convince him that there were good reasons to show restraint. He had to ice his wrists, soothe his cock with salves and creams. And nearly scream when he had a hard on.

Yeah lust was a treasure, but restraint made it a treasure worth having.

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