Gawd this toy is…. (an erotic/ish story/ish, humour/ish)

Gawd this toy is….

Been seeing toy reviews and this is where my mind went. Sorry, not sorry? Somehow I doubt this is the review the company is looking for…?

I had been feeling drooly in my lady bits all day. It just seemed to be a hormonal kind of day. And all the men near me looked so amazing in their suits, then there was street construction and of course the guys on crew were fit. Right?? So I was dripping.

And tonight was most def not date night. (pouts) This was the work week from hell. Much too busy for that.

So off to the shower and my bed I went. I reached into my bedside drawer (you know the one ladies!) and grabbed my buzzy.

I started with my fingers, then turned on the buzzy. I was getting into a nice rhythmn… ready for a good starter gasm. (yeah you know what I mean, right ladies?)

And I heard the couple down the block who’d just had a baby fighting in the nursery thru the wifi on my buzzy!! whu?? Hey! Well there goes that O. Usually it’s only your own baby that is a cockblock, or gasm block for the ladies. Right? lol

Ok so they walked out of the nursery and all was quiet. So I started buzzy up again… and was just getting to that place of one more touch, one more buzz …

And the bar down the street was having a karaoke night and some drunk was busy thinking he could outdo Mick Jagger. Now I’m not a Stones fan on the best of days, and it’s not that Mick can sing on key either… But geesh that drunk had NO BUSINESS singing in public!

Instead of focusing on cumming, I was covering my bleeding ears.

That was it! I turned off the wifi feature I’d thought was so cool and finished my burn with my fingers. 😛

so do you think they want this review? Somehow I doubt it!

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