Cdn election- influence of the USA – metric, spelling, apa

Cdn election- influence of the USA – metric, spelling, apa

We’re having federal elections on Monday here in Canada, and the fact that the USA keeps trying to shove over the border needs to be addressed. IMO.

In Canada, our primary trade partners are the USA and Mexico due to the NAFTA trade agreement we just foolishly resigned, at our cost again. The 49th Parallel is the border between Canada and the USA. Many Canadians and Americans cross over it daily. Whether for shopping, work, or tourism. And our primary media comes from the USA, sadly at the risk of losing our own. Even with laws to protect our arts. But there are two critical ways you can see that we are not an annex of the USA, our spelling is British and French, and our weights and measurements are now French. We still follow the lead of the British in those, despite dealing with the US more than the British.
Where we don’t follow the lead of the British, to our loss, is by using the mental and medical health standards of the USA. We follow the APA, rather than the British who use the World Health Org’s guidelines. Despite the fact that our population is different than the USA’s and we need to respect that. Our laws are also more online with the British which puts our “experts” in the position of needing to create a mishmash everytime a case goes before the courts. Though they’ve certainly had the time to get used to it, it seems like a costly waste of money and time that could be better spent in even a time of excess (wait, we have excess??)

…. Metric vs Imperial –

The metric system was first adopted in France in 1799. (Keep in mind that Canada has been under both French and British crowns. We are still bilingual)
British Imperial System, traditional system of weights and measures used officially in Great Britain from 1824 until the adoption of the metric system beginning in 1965. (Keep in mind that Canada is still a Commonwealth Nation, unlike the USA)
Most countries in the world use the Metric System. Here is a map
advantages and disadvantages

…. Brit vs USA spelling

the lexicon
Here is a map

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