Why are our journals important on a kink site?


Why are our journals important on a kink site?

I think it’s important to know something about the person who is behind the fetish. How they wandered into the kink world and became that lovely person who you are crushing on.


I’ve written about my grandma, my mom, step monster, my sisters and my daughter. I think they tell you how i see women.
I’ve written about my alcoholic dad, my brothers and my lovers. I think they tell you how I see men.
I think that knowing these people and my relationship with them tells you what my love maps are likely to be, why I became the person I am. In spite of them mostly. It took years of hard therapeutic work and study to get where I am. If there is one thing you know about me from the time with them, it’s that I am strong! because I’ve had to be.

I’ve written about being raised in a hamlet in the countryside, adjacent to the farm world. Inside the church, with hypocritical parental role models. I became an idealist very early, But am enough of a pragmatist that i realize people rarely measure up. I’m a nature lover, hence pagan.


My first job was in health care (in a nursing home as an aide) , and I helped step monster care for her mom, my gran. She is the reason I survived my childhood. So i have a lot of love for the elderly. Health has been an occupation for work and study for most of my life. It’s a passion of mine also. I tend to advocate for self care journeys and alternative health plans though. Again pagan.


I was/am a single mom of a now adult daughter. She is the light of my life. And I’m glad I had her, whatever the circumstance was.

I am a liberal, anarchical woman and I don’t appreciate the govt telling my kid and I how we can be as women, as lovers, as parents. Or trying to take charge of our bodies. Or our lives.


Can you see how I have arrived at the age of 50+ as a dominant woman? How I enjoy dollification and sissification as well as the costumes and pageantry that go with them?
And can you see why I want someone who comes to me willingly as a candidate? Who doesn’t fluff me with the whole “forced” thing? I want it clear that they are changing their attitudes because they want, need to! Not because anyone is manipulating or forcing them to.

So that tells you who you are greeting when you read my stuff, or perv my wall. And it definitely says who you’ll find in my message box.

Just little ole me!


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