Cdn Federal Election is in @ a week – taxes!


Cdn Federal Election is in @ a week – taxes!

If I could design the tax plan every party had to live or die with… it’d go something like this:

…. A)

A lot of people think taxing the rich is a smart way to go. But we do need to:

  • give them incentives to stay in Canada
  • be a good neighbour to their community
    (give money to local charities and sponsor their programs)
  • be responsible stewards of the environ
  • hire Cdns.
  • give them good, safe working conditions,
  • give them good benefit plans
  • and act within the laws of Canada. Criminal, civil and labour laws that is.

If they do all that, then they should get tax breaks.

…. B)

Some people think cutting benefits to those on govt subsidies and pensions, including work incentives is the smart way to go. They Say Cdns should be independent and honest and some have cheated the system.
That may all be true,but….
If we define ourselves as a just, caring, Christian nation, then don’t we need to be sure of things like:

  • there are no homeless
  • people in medical and/or psychological distress can still get food and shelter
  • our elders and children get good care and support, as do their caregivers.

…. C)

The middle classes are always going to be running to keep up with the Joneses.

  • If they have kids and homes, they should get credits to support a reasonable lifestyle where they live.
  • They should have safe traffic and work places and a community nearby where they can access what their family needs.

….. D)

mom and pop stores are where tourism lies and tourism and trade are where Canada lives and dies. So if the govt wants to support a business, here is where the dollars should go.

…. E)

But the biggest issue with taxes is where they are wasted. Not where they are spent. And IMO that is in a govt machine that is so huge!! And govt staff who get wages, benefits and bonuses, even in times of contraint.
Same with institutions that just drain. Rather than acting like people’s nanny, we should support programs that encourage families, businesses, rather than instiutionalizing them every time they hiccup. Get out in front of problems, rather than be punitive or medicating people.

That is my POV, but I tend to be a liberal, mostly anarchist about things. I prefer local boards who actually participate WITH their community to uphold a good and fair ethos. Not this crazy big monstrosity we have.

I know politics are a hot button with some people, so if you comment, be respectful or be gone

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