What Daddy Gave Me (a story/ish)

What Daddy Gave Me

Daddy gave me a little table beside his, and I was so proud! Till I realized it meant I wouldn’t be eating with Daddy, then I cried.
Daddy gave me a little chair and I was so proud! Till I realized I couldn’t sit on Daddy’s lap anymore and I cried.
Daddy gave me a small plate for my table. And I was so proud, till I realized Daddy didn’t want to share anymore. And I cried. But he did give me scraps when he was done… is that a good thing?
Well it was till I saw that I was at the end of his pecking order. First came oldest son, then favourite daughter, then all down the ages till it came to me… and I’d always wonder if I’d have enough to eat. So I cried. But I gagged the cold, dry, almost rancid scraps down cuzz Daddy had given them to me and I needed to eat.

Daddy gave me a water fountain, right beside his. And I was proud, till I wondered if it was because he didn’t want me drinking at the same fountain? It took all I had to drink the water he gave freely, without choking.

Daddy gave me a special seat at the far back of the bus, and I was so proud I could ride in the bus with Daddy, till I realized I couldn’t talk with or see Daddy and his friends on the ride. And it took all I had to not throw the seat at Daddy. I had tears of rage flowing down my face.

Daddy started to watch me when I was growing and gave me some skimpy clothes to put on. He and his friends clapped and cheered and paid me attention. I was happy, till I realized the only time I had their attention was when they wanted sex from me. It took all i had to stay in the room, cuzz my tummy felt ill and I had the creepy crawlies. Daddy got mad at me if I refused to dance for his friends.

One day I made the connection…Daddy wanted a blow up sex doll, not a friend, sister, partner or even a daughter. And that was the day Daddy stopped being someone important to me.

I went out into the world, ate garbage off the floor, walked for miles and danced for strangers. And Daddy never saw his blow up doll again. I was my own person.

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