Transitions of the Heart (a story)

Transitions of the Heart

The step between the old love and the new. A moment when you’re not sure if you are ready for a new love, if you’ve healed enough. If you are recovered from the old. If you are ready for another. It’s a hard moment to navigate.

You want to be in love. You also want to revel in your feelings about your old love. And some people want to drown in them. Till… that moment.

That is where Irene was. And it was made worse by her old lover being in the room when she first engaged with her potential one as more than a friend. She was confused. Almost to the point of being frozen by it.

Her old lover, George, was an amazing man and she had always felt that she didn’t deserve him. She was still half way in love with him. But he had made it clear that he wouldn’t try again with her. She’d always wonder if her insecurity, her indecisiveness, was part of the problem with them.

Sometimes that feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop can actually draw it to you. George had tried to soothe her but Irene guessed he had just run out of energy for that. At least he had been kind when he told her that it was over. And clear there was no returning to him.

And then there was Brian. The new guy. He was also a good guy. Irene and he had known each other for awhile and they got on well. Were even a bit flirty while she had been with George. But Irene was sure it would never have gone anywhere if she and George hadn’t broken up.

But now with the way clear… or at least it might be? Irene just wasn’t ready to make that transition yet.

George was being firm but kind. Indicating that he had no intention of being more than civil and friendly with her. The door between them was shut and locked.

And Brian was slowly but surely letting her know that since they were both free, he wanted to explore more than flirting.

Irene didn’t want to start something new, just to say she did. Not even for a try-on or between relationship.

And Irene didn’t know what to do. She just knew she didn’t want to decide right now.

Maybe she’d be better off being alone for awhile.

…. song influences

This Time I’m In It For Love – Player
Name of the Game – ABBA
Torn – Natalie Imbruglia
Hysteria – Def Leppard

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