Press Re-set (a story)

Press Re-set

Kim and Terry adored each other. They had passion, excitement and love in abundance. They were all over each other. And maybe that was the problem?

They were full on.

Anyone who has had that kind of relationship will tell you that it can’t be sustained. You need some sense of self. Of autonomy, independence, some may even call it selfishness. Goals you set for yourself, rather than for just you as part of a couple. Being great for your partner is wonderful, but sometimes you need to stand up for yourself too.

Or one day down the road, one of you will walk away. No matter how much it hurts.

And you may keep trying to come back. You may try again and again. Because the love, the passion and the excitement haven’t gone away. You just cannot handle the conflict anymore. You’re not bored, you’re just depleted.

So why do you return? Because you’re convinced that something has changed? They haven’t, and neither have the stresses you as a couple face. So after the honeymoon is over, and it will be someday soon, you’re going to be back in the same trench again.

And Kim and Terry knew this. Because this wasn’t their first time trying to get back together. The dark side of passion, is temper, impatience. The diark side of excitement is fatigue. And the dark side of love, is apathy.

One day Kim and Terry knew that they’d stop caring. They’d stop trying. But it just wasn’t today.

They hoped they’d know when the day was on the horizon, instead of waiting for it to be long gone. They were hoarding just enough love to walk out the door with a bit of grace.

…… song influences

Mouth & MacNeal – How do you do
Peaches & Herb – Reunited
THE STYLISTICS – Break Up to Make Up
Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love

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