Bait for Freshies… (a vampire story)

Bait for Freshies…

Alexander decided to open the club he and his friends had to the public. They were often running low on blood supplies. Much like the Red Cross often did in this area. It seems in a day of STDs, people weren’t as clean as they used to be. Which might be an issue for the Red Cross, but not so much for vampires. There were a lot of things vamps could process, but humans could not.

So Alexander put in a really awesome sound system, a cool dance floor and light system. And called some local bands that had a really good beat on their web page song samples. The first night there’d be a band-off. To get their fans in the door. And the back storage area was redecorated into a private area for the vamps and their hypnotized “guests”. Lots of cumfy couches for the freshies to recover on. And the vamps were encouraged to use condoms, so the freshies weren’t as likely to know if they’d been used sexually by the vamps. You know, after the spelling wore off. They’d consider themselves to have had fun at a private room party. A seemingly exclusive private party.

The night arrived, and the undead were as excited as they could be. Food is food, right? And some “remembered” tribal eras where the beat was all. The older vamps did anyways. So the music might be good even for a soulless blood sucker. The energy vamps would get the most out of the energy in the room. A gathering of young people dancing always worked for them.

But just in case, Alexander called for some assurance thru the local colleges. Offered their student body the first two drinks free, and free admission if they had a valid student card.

A lot of the vamps preferred more than a body to drain. More than any freshie bouncing off the walls. Or they could go out on the streets and lurk in alleys for passersby. They wanted some brain function/energy too. It seemed the soulless had higher standards than the average bear looking for food. Or even a young guy looking for a blow in the back alley. So he tried to provide.

Let’s see… freshie list.

  • hot
  • young
  • smart
  • engaged
  • not high on drugs or too sloppy drunk either
    and most of all
  • easily suggestible. I mean the hypnosis has to work, right? Can’t have a bloody running out the door and alerting the general public and the cops that this particular club had issues. Can you?

Alexander had some daywalkers act as security on the doors. They knew what to look for, and were used to most vamp needs. And knew when a freshie should be redirected. Before trouble started.

The plan was to have a weekends’ only dance club. With loud music and lots of youth, that wouldn’t draw heat from the county reps or cops. So lots of fresh fruit and veg and traditional bar snacks that were easily stored and cooked. Lots of water served between the booze or shots. SMART SERVE bartenders.

And the main draw was the music. Not drugs. So the cops might walk thru 1-2 x a night, but that’d be it. No after hours parties either. The vamps would all go to bed early or go home so the place was quiet on the off hours.

It sounded like everything was covered. So at the stroke of 10 pm, Alexander motioned for the daywalkers to open the doors. And the DJ he hired to kick the first hour of music off, before the contest, to start his turntable. The club was now open for it’s premiere.

Alexander crossed his fingers behind his back. And remembered a prayer he’d said as a child. “Heaven bless this gathering. Amen.”

2 thoughts on “Bait for Freshies… (a vampire story)

  1. Yes, I love a good vampire story. This vamp has all the others on board with only taking what they need, no longer succumbing to the animalistic urge of a complete drain or are they? As far as this goes it’s enticing, but leaves me with unanswered questions!


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