Haven – the TV Show

Haven – the TV Show

NUMBERS 14:18 ‘The Lord is longsuffering and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.’

There once was a cute little town in Maine. Fishermen were out in their boats, I’m sure there were some farms near by. And on the seashore the town stood. It looked idyllic, as most small towns do. But it’s better if you stay away…

The locals? Well they have troubles. And I’m not just talking about DV, cheating and addictions in the family. The kind of things that go for generations. Each one of the townies could tell you the troubles you had just by you saying your last name.

Or kids running loose without supervision.

I’m not talking about the town families feuding either. Where they were so inter-related, they were dang near incestuous. Or the churches trying to steal parishioners from each other. Or some magical line of road, copse or hill that separates the poor folk from the rich. Or the races. With some weird scarcity principal that allows you to let a neighbour you’ve known all your life go without.

I’m not talking about the workers going on strike or leaving cuzz there aren’t enough jobs for everyone. Not even about the townies gossiping and keeping secrets from the away-folks.

Yes this town, like others had it’s gathering places (bars, schools, stores, churches, gyms, libraries…), it’s leaders and it’s jungle drums. Things were spread in that town that weren’t in others. I don’t mean outbreaks of measles or chicken pox. Or the gossip about who was in favour this week, and who was just too hot to handle. Or which jobs were going to be cut this week, and which couple were having a baby, rings on or off.

No this contagion was supernatural. Some beings decided to have a play date with Haven. And the people were left to deal with this, on top of just basic living in a small town.

Did the town folk persevere? … Hmmmm I’m going to have to let this be a cliff hanger. But I could relate to a lot of what went on in Haven. Cuzz I grew up in a small town. And I swear, I saw some of my neighbours!

the show

A smallish town (pop @ 25,000) in Maine, USA.
The show is loosely based on Stephen King’s book The Colorado Kid
An unsolved mystery of a man who turns up in Maine, with very little known about him, and larger unanswered questions.

main cast –

do-gooder/evil doer – creates troubles just to be hero, saint
Emily Rose
town bad boy from family of bad boys – heart of gold
Eric Balfour
unfeeling authority –
numb adopted son – Lucas Bryant
stone adopted dad Nicholas Campbell
authority/trouble cleaner who “caught” all the bullets – PTSD/survivor’s guilt
“Edge” – Adam Copeland
adopted brothers/ town news-historians/ gossips/as a cover for underground work
John Dunsworth
Richard Donat

2 thoughts on “Haven – the TV Show

  1. I absolutely loved this series. One of a few I religiously watched. Each week while waiting for the next episode, I watched that current episode 2 or 3 times. Could hardly wait for the new season, when they broke at the end of the 1st season!👍👍👍

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