Capturing a Soul (a story)

Capturing a Soul

I was going about my life, helping my mama with a bit of gardening. Daddy and Ismael were out in the field. Walking behind the horses and plow. Thinking about the lovely dinner we’d be having soon. We’d been baking all day and the pastor and his family were coming to break bread with us.

I had no expectations that today would be my last day. I had the world around me and the love of God ad my family all about. I was such an innocent. But how could I know that the stories were all true?

How could I know that having your picture taken could steal your soul?

In one second, a car drove slowly up the farm lane. Heading toward us. My mama and me. And in the next we were in the ether. Watching our bodies crumple to the ground. Waiting there to be found by daddy and Ismael. Waiting to see the shock on their faces.

They thought they were coming back to a good evening of prayer and food. What could have been better?

But today half of their family was forever gone, with no explanation. No way of getting one either.

The only ones who knew were the strangers in the car, who thought they could do whatever they wanted. Without thought. On our family farm.

In a moment they had taken our eternity from us. We were stuck in the ether forever.

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