Wax Doll (a story)

Wax Doll

Nenet and Husani took one look at [each other][Roberta Flack – https://youtu.be/r9jmusgMgro] and fell for each other.  At least that is what Nenet thought…
But soon enough, Nenet noticed that Husani was distracted and she was convinced he was lying to her. He said that he was worried about family business and work. That seemed reasonable, but Nenet couldn’t get rid of the feeling that he was lying to her.
And she knew asking him  would only cause him to lie more, if he was actually lying. Because liars lie when their lips are moving. And yes, you might say that she should trust him. But trust is earned, right?
So Nenet decided to use his fave activity with her to spell him to tell the truth.  He enjoyed a massage with lotion, then her dripping wax onto his back and thighs. She spelled the wax and slowly dripped it.  And as the spell entered him, he told her the truth.
It seems that his family were having money problems and had asked her father for a loan.  He had refused.
And Husani was in love with another woman. And didn’t want to marry Nenet. Ever. He seemed to be using her to get her father’s money. How could he turn his son-in-law down, after all?
First Nenet’s heart broke. Then she got mad.  Then she got vengeful. So she collected the wax from his body with a comb and made sure to collect some of his body hairs as well.
Then Nenet went into another room and formed a doll with the wax and hairs. She covered the poppet with black and white cloths and then used a ribbon of fabric from Husani’s fave tee.
And cut the penis off the doll. Then tested it by trying the things she knew Husani liked to get him to have sex. The flirting, the teasing, the touches.  But nothing worked. Husani was upset.
Step one.
Nenet tied a string around Husani’s left wrist and left ankle, telling him that she would say prayers for his fertility. And went back to the doll. She carefully cut the matching limbs off.
Soon Husani said his hand and foot felt numb.  And he removed the strings, in case they were too tight. But when that didn’t work, he went to see his family doctor.
Step two.
Then Nenet went to have a long chat with her father. About whether this family and this man deserved to be linked to their family and have the money he had worked so hard for. They agreed this union would not take place.
Step three.
Nenet went to the young woman who Husani was in love with and told her about their liaison. She described intimacies about his body and their sex life that made it clear she was telling the truth.  The young woman believed her. And called Husani to say she didn’t want him to see her again.
Step four.
Then she used the doll as a pin cushion. Making Husani query his health. And his doctors and family to query his mind. He was admitted into a clinic for a psychiatric evaluation. Husani got upset, which didn’t help his case any.
Step five.
Nenet’s father made some calls to friends about Husani’s family and their finances. There were some investigations. And they found that the reason their finances were in such disarray were due to the father gamblong and embezzling from his boss. So the father lost his job. And was blacklisted in his field.
Step six.
Nenet was satisfied that everything and everyone that should be chastized was, and dismantled the spell on the [doll.][CCR –  https://youtu.be/LGEENWVlu0c] Then destroyed it.


Husani was going to face a long crawl out of the mire he had made for himself. And so would his family.

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