Animals – Born Free

Animals – Born Free

Once upon a time, animals walked the earth, free range. Sure they were eaten by humans, but they were dead quickly. Not kept as pets or commerce. Not as slaves to our needs. Not as subjects when we were their liege. They were free. Seeing the inside of no cage or pen. They flew, ran, and swam for days and years. They were our gods, guardian spirits and brothers/sisters before the gods.

These days, we have crowded them out of their habitats, killed many species, overfarmed them, made them our table’s delight and cooped them up for years for that one meal. Left in their own wastes, separated from their young, and facing inhumane slaughters.

We have destroyed their habitats with our garbage, in the praise of consumerism and convenience. And put the whole planet in peril.

All because we think that we are better than animals.

… song

Born Free – Matt Monro


ancient dog
ancient cat
ancient horse


animals that work for us
working animals
draft animals


animal milk
edible eggs
methane gas and livestock farming


companion animals
are only humans sentient?

… human captives

a story series I did on what it would be like if aliens treated humans like we do animals de rigeur.
human captives

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