Personal Taste in Whiskey, Wine, Coffee, Milks and Kink

Personal Taste in Whiskey, Wine, Coffee, Milks and Kink

Some people would much rather we were all clones, right? Do it their way, or don’t call yourself what they do, right?

All whiskey fans should just drink the same bottle of hooch and get over themselves? Same with wine, and coffee? All milks must be dairy or it’s just not milk? You have to make it yourself, cuzz that store bought is just crap, ya know? (who has the effing time!! Besides Martha Stewart maybe?)

Must it be a “tradition”. a “label”? (Who has reviewed and recommended it to you?) Or can it be an impudent new stock none of your friends have heard of yet?

Let’s see:


What makes a whiskey fan go rabid? Is it the company, the nationality, the country, the grain, the barrel choice, the availability at their local pub, the taste notes of things like vanilla, honey…?
The Whiskey Variance –
countries are mostly Ireland, Scotland, USA and Canada
common barrels are hickory , maple wood, different oaks, redwood, walnut, cherry, and chestnut.
grains are barley, corn, rye and wheat – single malt to blended

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… wine

And what makes a wine fan go ballistic? Country, family vinyard or farm, the fruit or recipe and the flavour. Of course the name, again right? I mean some people are just brand loyal.
The wine variance –
fruits of wine –
Apples, Blackberries, Blueberries, Cherries, Grapes, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Raspberries, Rhubarb, Strawberries and rice

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…. coffee

And coffee? Must it be French-pressed? Or espresso? Do you boil the milk before adding it? Or is milk sacrilege? Must it be from Arabia? Or Colombia? Must it be shat out by a bird or beastie before you’ll drink it? (Yeah I’ll give that a hard limit!!)

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….. milk

must your milk come from an animal, must it be bovine, or can it be from a goat or sheep? Some might add a mare or a camel. Or can it come from a seed or nut?

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….. kink

And now we come to BDSM, fetishes and kinks. Like the samples above, we all have our favourites, our must haves for everything to be right in the world. In our world at least. And some of us, are very hard core. Some are laissez-faire. Those who are hard core tend toward the high protocol, historic, spiritual/temple aspects. Some are riggers or rope addicts, and some are floggers. Some follow the latest fiction that has hit the bookshelves.

We will argue about which is best for us, but most people will prefer to 1) get laid, 2) satisfy themselves and their partner. (order may or may not be reversed YMMV) THEN worry about whether or not they get to play their way. But there is always that one in the crowd, right? They would rather masturbate to that video or written story of their thing than “people-please”.

Like the samples above, legislation and cultural standards play a large part in what we’re willing to do, whether we believe that or not. Unless you’re a total anarchist?

A lot of this is due to your first exposures to love and sexuality, where in the gender continuum you are, where you are on the orientation wheel. It’s what makes you feel good in your body, and how willing and able you are to explore.

It’s also about your emotional maturity at the time of first contact. And whether or not it was with free will, or force/manipulation. And whether that led you to shame and/or anger about yourself and your body.

And it’s about your self esteem. Do you feel sexy and attractive? Do you think you have value? To you and society? Do you feel loved?

….. personal taste

So when someone comes along and says, sex and kink come like this, and if you refuse to listen to me, you’re a dufus and/or abuser, tell them to SHADUP!

Cuzz you like fine rye whiskey, grape wine, coffee must be espresso blends, and yes nuts and seeds do make delicious milks. Oh and dear man, bend over and pull your skirt up! Hmmm oh wait, that’s me? ! Ooops! Oh well find your own place of feel good.

Now quit harshing my buzz, or as they say these days, quit yucking my yum with all your arguing!! And get off my lawn! I’m going for a nap!

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