The Demon Suspicion (a story)

The Demon Suspicion

Everytime I looked in his eyes, I saw two things. His love for me and the insecurity he felt. Or at least that is how I read it then. Those I talked to about it were always saying how great his love for me was. Suspicions

I did notice that they treated me differently afterwards, so I stopped discussing it. The women made sure I was never alone with their men, and the men kept trying to get it on with me. And some required a well-placed knee to discourage them.

I wore different clothes, I dressed down, different hair, no makeup, no scents. I became a frump, because I thought it’d please him.

At least outside the house. In our bedroom he wanted the tart everyone seemed to think I was now. He wanted to own a tart.

You’d think a man would be proud to have a beauty on his arm. But not him!

Till one day it dawned on me…. I hadn’t done anything wrong. He was treating me as if I had already cheated. And I hadn’t!

So I started watching him. Because I realized maybe he was projecting? I checked his pockets, his phone, his PC, his phone list…

I was right! The little shit was cheating on me! And I was the one who was being treated like the town prozzie!
Well that was about to stop! Love doesn’t work with suspicious minds!

He was about to get his! Because when I looked in his eyes now, I saw the truth. He was a liar and a fraud.

He made the mistake of thinking that I was a One Man Woman . Oh no! I took my cues from the Banshee!

You were a fool to underestimate my ire! Now prepare to meet me at the top of my power!

I watched and saw a new look enter your eyes. You knew now you were about to die. It was time to sing your own “Requiem”

Don’t worry darling, I know it’s long, but you’ll be the one screaming thru each and every note. I will make that my last vow to you.

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