The Evolution of Humanity (a theory)

The Evolution of Humanity (a theory)

Maybe I watch too many sci fi and fantasy shows, or maybe I’m actually seeing something? But it’s like we have voices in our heads. One for each part of us. We used to think they were angels, demons or spirits. We used to think we are part beast, part civilized beings. Or possibly dissociated or hallucinating?

But now we tend to look at the future with an added voice. That of technology. How we will mesh our souls with that of the technical advances coming?

In the end, what we are looking for is some mesh of robot and human. We try harder and harder to find toys and tools that communicate with us, assist us, and guide us with greater and greater ease. Including as assistive devices.


1) when will artificial intelligence be smarter than humans? singularity

(a web-contact pointed me toward this theorist.}
Or have we already reached that point? And passed it? If/when they become smarter than us, will we let them rule us? Will they be kind to us or cruel? Could they see us as parasites who need to be exterminated?

2) At what point are we more robot than human? 20-50-70%?

When will laws and professional ethics catch up to these questions?

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