Bible Thumper Decoder – on sexuality

Bible Thumper Decoder – on sexuality

me –

I grew up in a very, very conservative group of backwater miscreants who called themselves Christians. I knew the Bible like it was breakfast toast. I had to memorize verses several times a week. For church, Sunday school, girls’ club or teens’ group.
I took courses in comparitive religion. And then it dawned, There was more than one way to worship God (+?).
I left the church I grew up in many years ago. Bout the same time I left my family. Sometimes you have to chew your foot off to get away.
But I still speak fluent Bible thumper. So I thought i’d help out with a decoder. Bottom line though, if a Christian says they are anti-gay based on the Bible’s teaching? They were looking for a reason to feel that way. Not the other way around. IMO

the context of religion and gender, sexuality.

We could go with the Biblical version that the earth was created about 6000 yrs ago, or we could presume they were discussing their version or their world. And being a little egocentric. Somewhat into magical thinking or superstition. If they don’t mention it, it didn’t exist. But didn’t all the holy books do that? If it was the “great other” it cannot be named in sacred texts. They could be calling greater powers down upon them and their own gods would be displeased. Some of those gods are very spiteful and jealous!
And what else did the empires and tiny temples of any religion need way back when but people in the pews? That was their greatest asset. They had to make babies and convert the heathen. It was the unifying rule of them all.


time line
early known religious texts


They wanted to outline the rules of daily life and worship. And mitigate the influence of their ignorant ancestors, while still worshipping their origins, They wanted to honour their own heroes in a time of flux and rebellion. They wanted to refute their weird neighbours

Dead Sea Scrolls
Nag Hammadi Scrolls or Gnostic Bible
Maccabean Revolt


They wanted to create a story, a mythology for them and future generations. I can’t think of a culture or religion that didn’t have a “Creation story”. So they gathered their mystics and had them dream; with drugs, dance and vision quests. And they handed the stories down till language was developed. Stories about angels, demons and nephilim. When the divine walked among us. And maybe didn’t act so divine?




You’d think with all that law, rite and cultural history, wars and conflicts would be a thing of the past. How could they not always agree? I mean they were brothers and sisters of the soul, right? Children of the same gods?
Well if they couldn’t keep their loved ones in the pews, how about them weird neighbours and heathen? But they’d send letters of support, caution and encouragement between them.


first Christians’ map


And in that context of trying to remain unified, without being close enough for fisticuffs and feuds, they made a list of all the ways they could remain close to each other and their gods. Food, water, child rearing, sexual practice…. But never you fear, they still feuded. Only by letter now.


With this context, I hope it’s understood that there are 5 whole places in the Bible that specifically mention homosexuality and nothing about transgender. Even though the Jewish culture in the Mishnah recognizes more than binary gender. And Jesus was a Jew, after all. So it’s not the Bible, it’s not Jesus, it;s not all of the old known world, it’s not what the Bible came from either. It’s the congregation if anything. Their interpretation. Besides the fact that every culture, empire and religion wants more members? Though we are at over 7 billion people on the planet as of now… Enough already?!

gender and Judaism
world view and gender



…. the Bible says… (NIV)

living out
Leviticus 18
Leviticus 20
I Corinthians
I Timothy


But before you get in a twist about what one congregation or sect of Christianity says, trust me, there is no single ideology within it’s doors or pews. So if you don’t agree with one, but think Jesus was a cool dude you might want to follow, check out how many sects there are…




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