Renegade (the tv series) – the race of the rabbit and hare

Renegade (the tv series) – the race of the rabbit and hare

the show
the star – Lorenzo Lamas
best known for Falcon Crest

The plot –

An innocent man is being chased by people who frame him for murder. Reno Raines was military/from military family, cop, black belt in several disciplines, who had to run for his life. He was saved, supported by Bobby SixKiller, a bounty hunter who taught him the business.

And the student surpassed the teacher? Because Raines, or Vince Black as he was called when on the run, always remembered someone might be innocent. And he was willing to listen when there were good reasons for their crime. Or if they had turned their life around.

Bobby? Not always. He was a business man. He got frustrated with Raines quite often. Esp when Raines would be more interested in saving the girl, kissing the girl than catching the bounty. When he put himself in danger to save them.

Then there were the bad guys…

The ones who were chasing Raines. The cops who had framed him because he testified against them. The bounty hunters who were more concerned about money than truth. The criminals who wanted him off their trail. Local cops and criminals who were doing wrong things and didn’t know who he really was.

And Raines was chasing people who could clear his name. People were kind of ambiguous about whether or not they wanted to help him.

There were people who helped Raines because they knew him before and trusted him, and people who took him at his word, after he helped them, when he didn’t have to. When he risked his life to do so.

Does it matter if he was innocent?

He was found guilty in a court of law and escaped. Whether or not he killed the person/people he was accused of, he did “take down” criminals who never saw justice, and bad cops along the way. So if he had been caught and held, would he have been less violent?

Can you feel sympathy for him?

Well sure. He was trying to do the right thing… But does that excuse it when he got it wrong? And he did get by on his looks, talent and speed on his bike. (Harley btw!) Were he not as adept as he was, had he not had the help he did, he’d have been executed for murder.

Did I like the show?

Oh yes! It was full of conflict and drama. And I like different takes on the question of whether or not the law actually works.

Would I recommend it?

Sure! Some of the dialogue could use some work. Reduce the cheese a bit, but overall good stuff!

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