The Master 10 list of what men can do to reduce the ## of abortions


The Master 10 list of what men can do to reduce the ## of abortions

1. don’t have sex with a woman…

I mean I could go on, but what else would be so effective?
But being men… there has to be a 2nd choice, right? (sighs)

2. have a vasectomy

yeah yeah men’ll be wimps and hold their peepees right? And what if they want to someday they’ll say? It’ll still be less traumatic for you to do it and have it reversed, than a woman goes thru for such things as tubal ligation…j/s Good thing women are the ones giving birth, right? 😛

3. use a condom!

You should anyways, right? Have you heard of STDs?

4. come to bed, rank

with alcohol, sweat, and your days’ odours and it’ll put most of us off. Promise!

5. sit there all day watching sports and playing video games

while we do all the work. Pretty sure we’ll be more likely to put a diaper on you and give you the bubba you’ve been calling for than give you sex.

6. remember

all the words of your fave musician or all the stats of your fave athlete and forget our b-day or your other kids’ or our anniversary… and ask us how you were supposed to remember that too. Srsly??

7. flirt, cheat on us

and promise we won’t be taking your leftover interests. We’ll be finding our own.

8. most women

would rather have anal or oral than PIV if it means they need an abortion and considering how often I get asked for those, woulldn’t most men too? Or have I got it wrong?

9. if you’re at all an incel

can we revisit ## 1 option?

10. if you’re at all heteroflexible…

can we revisit ## 1 option?

cuzz tbh, you don’t really have a say in what a woman does, if you won’t watch where you’re spewing your words and seed.

Life is sacred, seed is sacred? Then be a fucking grown up for a change and prevent the issue in the first place! Or just stfu!! and let the women talk about our own bodies and choices

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