el petardo (fireworks) : A psychopath’s funeral (a story)


el petardo (fireworks) : A psychopath’s funeral

Everyone was expecting a sweet, simple eulogy when she stood up at the funeral. After all, she was a sweet, simple girl, or so they thought? But today they saw the last of the chains he had put on her fall off. As every word was a complex note of how he used her, lied to her and manipulated her. Till she was more him, than her.

The people had wanted to think of him as such a caring and wonderful person. But maybe he wasn’t after all. Maybe he was a villain, rather than a hero.

But how do you incorporate that with the moments of charm and kindness? How do you put evil, sin with grace and charm? So many were confused, cuzz they thought they knew him well. He had always been nice to them, right?

Though people are complex and you never know what goes on between two people, right? But as an outsider you never want to believe the worst, do you?

But how much was she at fault for the way she was treated?

Until someone else stepped up, who told a very similar story. Then another. And another. People who had made a note for themselves. People who had never met each other were saying the same things. About him.

Now the crowd was talking… Was he a good, decent man they should be praising? Should they really say ill of the dead? Maybe not.

But from that day on, they called him “el petardo”. In their heads they heard her say….

I’m in such a deep trench, I can’t sort out my emotion. I can’t even separate me and you anymore. All I can think about is you. I love you, I hate you. I miss you, I feel such great relief that you’re gone. I feel guilty, I am so pissed off at you. It was your fault, it was mine. I cannot stop crying, unless it’s to rage. I am afraid I will never love agian, yet I am looking for a calmer love. One that supports me for a change. You were my soul mate, but it was for the darker shade of my soul. For my fear, not my love. Not what I wanted it to be, at all. You hurt far more than you loved.

And they saw him rise above the ground because his name was called over and over again during the service. . Against all sense and contrition. He had the first signs of becoming a demon, and it might be their fault.

How could they settle this spirit before it wandered the earth and wreaked havoc, vengeance among the villagers? Yes he was going to be a challenge.

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