CBT in tune… (erotica)


CBT in tune…

He always knew it was on the way…

First we went to the grocery store. Bought all the ingredients we’d need for a lovely Asian stir fry. You know, lemon grass, chili, ginger, some veg and sweet rice. And whatever meat we were in the mood for with it. Usually seafood.

Much as he loved the food and me cooking for him, he started to sweat. His hands shook a bit. And he ground his teeth a bit. I was never quite sure which was worse for him? The anticipation, the memory or the actual thing?

I was very patient with chopping every thing into tiny pieces, as you should when doing veg in a screaming hot wok. You want it to cook evenly, right? But he thought I was taking my time just to torture him. Well … that was a perk!

As the rest of the foodstuffs cooked, I peeled a ginger root and cut one piece so it looked like a but plug. Leaving a bulb so I could grab it quick. He actually winced once the root was shaped for his needs.

We ate first and even had some tea to be sure his tummy was nice and calm. Last thing we wanted was the pain making him lose his dinner, after all.
Finally I gave the sign… and he dropped trou. He pulled the foreskin back, and inserted the fig.

I turned on the song that made me laugh, having a somewhat twisted sense of humour. It surely had nothing to do with the intention of the author. But it fit perfectly…

Your sex is on fire
With what’s to transpire
Hot as a fever
Rattle of bones
I could just taste it
Taste it (Kings of Leon)

The song made me smile whenever I heard it. Maybe not him though?

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