lookie-loos at the key party

Lookie-loos at the Key Party

There are some key parties where no single/uncoupled people are allowed. They want people who are in the experience, not just watching it. Fewer needs for drool guards that way? I mean, everyone needs to take a break now and then. And men last shorter times than the women do… Maybe we should have more men than women? Or have more bi people involved? IDK the answers. I’ve never hosted! 😛

But then some people like the audience and play to them. So maybe we should split the group? Those who want the lookie-loos and those who don’t? Two rooms or more, maybe?

Got any ideas?

For the first few minutes that was going thru my head, till the party got into the right groove. And I dove in!

It wasn’t like an orgy where everyone piles on. It was more like a dance, where you and whose-ever hand you’re holding danced. In a crowd of dancers. Or somewhere off to the side.

Or there was a greeting and respite room and enough bedrooms that anyone who wanted privacy could have it.

I wish I could say there were never any wrong emotions. I mean not everyone knows they have jealousy “triggers”, besides the obvious ones of nobody seeing or touching your lover’s nekkid bits. But sometimes your lover and whoever just can’t do what you two do together? At least that’s when I notice the fisticuffs flying. Am I right?

And there are ones where someone’s eyes are bigger than their nekkid bits and someone gets frustrated. So they get crabby! Right?

Or someone’s hand needs to get slapped away cuzz they figure all these nekkid folk want them specifically. Um, no! Ask before you touch!

I just know I’d prefer the questions answered before I host. The only drama I want is the nekkid bits bumping on the floors or beds!

Work for you? Am I ready to host yet/

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